The CW Fall Lineup: New Nights All Around!

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Supergirl may be flying over to The CW, but you can still meet Kara and her friends on the same night and time this fall. 

Yes, The CW's current Monday lineup has sagged in the ratings this year, so look for it to get a boost next season. 

Crouching - Arrow Season 4 Episode 22

Jane The Virgin will probably get a decent boost from having a better lead in this time round. 

The Originals is ominously missing from the fall schedule, with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend stealing its slot. 

Could this mean that The Vampire Diaries is airing a shorter season and getting replaced by The Originals when it ends its run?

We don't quite know, but iZombie also never made it to the Fall schedule.  

Based on the schedule, it's evident that the network is using their four superhero shows to prop up the 9 pm hour on four nights. 

Those superhero shows sure bring in the viewers!

You can expect The 100 to return at some point in 2017, similar to how it was scheduled for Season 3!

Supernatural is moving into the slot vacated by The 100, returning to Thursdays!

Here's your first look at the upcoming schedule:


8 pm Supergirl
9 pm Jane the Virgin


8 pm The Flash
9 pm No Tomorrow (New Show; watch the trailer)


8 pm Arrow
9 pm Frequency (New Show, watch the trailer)


8 pm Legends of Tomorrow
9 pm Supernatural


8 pm The Vampire Diaries
9 pm Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

What do you think about this new schedule? When will The Originals return? Hit the comments!

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