The 100 Round Table: Now What?

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Chaos reigns and so many lives are in danger in both Arkadia and Polis.

In the aftermath of The 100 Season 3 Episode 15, the fight against ALIE appears to be at its end, with Ontari brain-dead and no other Nightbloods readily available to access the killcode in the Commander's flame. Do Clarke and the others have any hope of defeating the rogue AI?

Join TV Fanatics Meg Bonney, Allison Nichols, Kelly Thompson, and Yana Grebenyuk as they discuss "Perverse Instantiation - Part One" and take some guesses as to what will go down on second part of the finale, The 100 Season 3 Episode 16!

The 100 Round Table 1-27-15

Ontari is brain-dead, thanks to ALIE/Jaha. What will the group do now to defeat ALIE?

Meg: From the looks of it, Clarke is going to enter the enter the City of Light and find the kill code from within. It's gotta be the only thing they can do, right?

Allison: Poor Ontari. Please tell me there's a way that she gets out of this because otherwise, who will be the Commander? I'm not sure how entering the City of Light will help. It's not like ALIE keeps the kill code laying around, but I'm curious to see what it's like on the inside.

Kelly: Well, Raven somehow believes that she can find the kill code herself without a Nightblood so I assume with Clarke's help once she enters the City of Light, all will be revealed.

Yana: They will perform a transfusion with Ontari's blood. Clarke will have the black blood inside of her, which will make sure she can defeat ALIE without them looking for another Nightblood.

Jasper was chipped! React.

Meg: CALLED IT! I loved him as evil. I love regular Jasper but he played creepy so, so well and I hope we get a little more of that before they save the day and kill ALIE. I thought the reasoning was a little lame, but I still liked it.

Allison: He was so, so creepy. It was a good twist. I'm enjoying how our little band of delinquents is constantly having to change their plan of attack. It makes things exciting.

Kelly: I need an explanation. When was he chipped? Was it at Luna's or before? How was it so easy for him to hide it but no one else?

Yana: Knew it. But I would like to say kudos to Devon Bostick. He played up the creepy, and if he hadn't won me over before, he would have then.

Clarke was willing to let her mother die in order to keep ALIE from acquiring access to the flame. Were you surprised?

Meg: Yes and no. She grew up on the Ark, and life was so much more brutal up there. Her idea of life and death is way different than ours when in her world, people are executed for petty theft. She is protecting mankind by keeping the flame safe.

Allison: Clarke knows what is at stake, and she knows how far ALIE will go to get what she wants. Clarke's tough. She's a leader, and she knows that being a leader means making tough decisions, but damn, I never thought she would have to make that choice. Clarke had to protect the flame to protect everyone.

Kelly: No, Clarke makes difficult decisions all the time. She would have let anyone and everyone die before telling them the phrase to kick start the flame. It was totally in her character. Eliza Taylor was phenomenal in that scene. You could tell Clarke was struggling with letting her mother die but never once did it look like she would cave.

Yana: Actually, yes. Her reaction to Bellamy being tortured was tragic, but her mom? I was really waiting for her to yell no. When she didn't I thought it over and realized just how far Clarke would go to save human kind. She was such a Gryffindor with that decision.

Everyone is willing to let Pike work with them, for the greater good, in order to defeat ALIE. Will Pike be redeemed after this? Should he be?

Meg: I think that they will keep him around until they finish the mission, and then I think Octavia will kill him. There's just no way they can all live happily together.

Allison: I don't know if he should be redeemed. I think in order to be redeemed there has to be some self-reflection and some desire to be redeemed. Pike doesn't have that. Bellamy is at least grappling with his actions and how to live with them. He's trying to do good, as you can see with his hesitance to kill chipped people. I don't think that Pike helping to defeat ALIE is enough to redeem him, but then again, I'm a little biased and emotionally invested since he killed Lincoln.

Kelly: He may be redeemed, but he will also still die. Octavia and Indra will not let his crimes be redeemable to them so Pike has one foot off this show.

Yana: I am waiting for him to die as a hero. He will do a complete 180, willing to sacrifice himself and his memory will live on more positively. And if he isn't, I still think he will be seen as changed because he was willing to keep trying to defeat ALIE even when he was injured. Pike isn't taking the coward's way out and even Octavia is picking up on it. But it doesn't excuse the way he killed Lincoln, and many many others.

Going into the finale, there are several lives at stake. Roan was shot by chipped Kane, Jaha was shot by Bellamy, Harper is held hostage by chipped Jasper, Kane and Indra were injured in the explosion – who do you think is a goner and who will make it out of the season alive?

Meg: I am hoping that Roan makes it so we can see more of the Ice Nation. I don't think we need Jaha after this season (if they defeat ALIE). Harper will be ok, I hope. I'd like to think that they will all get a tiny happy moment at the end of this season. PLEASE?!

Allison: I need Roan to survive. I need it. I'd totally be okay if this was the end of Jaha. I think Kane and Indra will survive, and I need more of their friendship. Harper's a trooper, and I hope she makes it out.

Kelly: I think everyone will survive except for Pike and maybe Jaha.

Yana: Jaha will never die, I promise you all that. Roan better not die or else I will set the world on fire. Harper might be in danger, but I wouldn't call Jasper safe because Monty has been breaking barriers all season long, what will stop him from killing Jasper now? Kane will probably break into the throne room to put a damper on Abby and Clarke's plan to enter the COL. Indra is the one I am worried about the most because her decision to go back for Kane was selfless, so why not use that for all it's worth?

Who was the MVP of this episode?

Meg: Clarke! She was so brave. First by suggesting that they use her as a hostage to get into Polis. And then for being so strong and not breaking when being tortured. She is amazing.

Allison: I feel like I have to give it to Clarke. She was willing to let her mom die, and to watch her die, for the good of mankind. I don't know if anyone else's actions could top that.

Kelly: Clarke. She is willing to sacrifice anything and everyone, including herself to stop ALIE. I loved that when Bellamy and Murphy showed up, she didn't yell for them to help her mom first, she told Bellamy to stop Jaha so Ontari would survive. Clarke is a fantastic character and as stated above Eliza Taylor was a rock star this episode.

Yana: Clarke Clarke Clarke. She is my queen every week, but she really went all out this week. The scene where Abby was torturing her actually made me sob because of Eliza's acting. And if I could give a second MVP award, it would be to Roan. My favorite finally came back and the scene where he took the gun out of Clarke's hand and threw it out like it was nothing? Brilliant.

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