Supernatural Season 11 Episode 21 Review: All in the Family

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It’s hard to imagine what is going to come after the confrontation with the Darkness. What’s bigger than her?

In fact, it wasn’t until the Darkness that God even decided to get back into the game, even though Sam and Dean had unknowingly met him as Chuck years before.

It feels like those two super-powered players would be the title card of the Supernatural match, and yet, we know there’s going to be a Supernatural Season 12.

So does that mean more of the Darkness or something else entirely?

After all, Sam and Dean learned from Metatron on Supernatural Season 11 Episode 21 that God was willing to “throw in the towel” against the Darkness and sacrifice himself so she would let things go on.

It was a play that seemed obvious after God singing all those “fare thee wells” on Supernatural Season 11 Episode 20, but I figured there’d be more of a final showdown than just some deal where God loses.

Really, it feels like the way to actually beat the Darkness would be to try the team-up with God and Lucifer, or heck, any players who want to get in the game to help.

That certainly feels like it would be a far more intense and climactic way to go, and with the rescue mission and reuniting of angel son and his father, it certainly looks like the direction things are going.

Yet, even after Dean telling God that he was going to be the one to take down the Darkness, not just give up, there’s that whole concept of the “chosen” humans stepping up in case God’s plan doesn’t work.

So what if that happens? Might next season involve the “chosen” having to band together to take down the Darkness?

Or maybe the gang getting together by the end of the episode will be all that's needed to dispatch the Darkness, and God won't have to make any sacrifices, after all.

I did love the intro as Sam was a nervous and excited fan-boy over God, while Dean still remained rather skeptical. It was a great contrast to see between the two brothers.

Jensen Ackles really stood out during that moment with Dean's tearful and emotional questioning of God’s absence. It was such a great way to start things off, and not just have everyone on board now that God has arrived.

But then God kind of just sat around and took long showers (funny that Dean told God to cool it), and he didn’t seem the least bit interested in dealing with the Darkness, when by the end of the previous episode, he seemed ready to take action.

I guess I was expecting him to be a little more proactive.

It was good to see that even with the whole Darkness fight being above Sam and Dean’s pay grade, the two were still out there trying to figure out the next best course of action.

However, Donatello being a prophet felt out of the blue, even if it did allow us to get a very nice but brief cameo from Kevin.

Granted, it was funny hearing Donatello’s reactions to everything or Sam and Dean trying to explain it all in the car. But will he have a bigger role to play rather than just telling everyone his spider-senses were tingling?

Then there was Metatron, who has changed so much since his introduction, but I love that he got some chance for redemption.

He not only informed Sam and Dean of God’s initial plan, he helped with the Lucifer rescue mission, and he stayed behind so Sam, Donatello and Lucifer could get away. He took one for the team and met a nasty Darkness fate.

Metatron really stepped up, so the bigger players might have an actual chance at taking down the big bad.

But what about that ending where Dean talked about being one with Amara?

I still don't buy the whole connection between the two, but that conversation wasn't a foreshadowing for Dean, was it?

If anything, this hour had its moving parts, but it was a stepping stone toward getting to that big match. I'm invested and intrigued by what's to come, but I just hope there's some solid payoff when all is said and done.

Who else is ready for the God and the Darkness showdown?

Will God defeat the Darkness? What's next for Supernatural? Sound off below, and see it all again when you watch Supernatural online now.

All in the Family Review

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