Rosewood Season 1 Episode 19 Review: Sudden Death & Shades Deep

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Oh Erica, what exactly are you hiding from Rosie?

While watching Rosewood Season 1 Episode 19 it was pretty evident Erica was hiding something major from her new beau, Rosewood. I wanted to give Erica the benefit of the doubt, but the shadiness and constant side eyes from Donna led me to question Erica's words.

Should Rosie trust what Erica's telling him, or does he eventually need to seek the truth?

Oh Rosie. Do you want to talk about the past or taste the present?


Rosie somewhat went with the latter after replaying the conversations with Erica in his mind. Something about her story just didn't add up. While discussing the Erica situation with the family, an eavesdropping Mitchie decided to find out the truth about Erica. 

Mitchie thought digging up Erica's past would be his way of paying Rosie back for providing him a job. He meant well, but Mitchie took the wrong route of discovering Erica's past.

Mitchie: You're real quiet.
Donna: You're real loud.

For one, it wasn't Mitchie's place to go sniffing out the past of his boss' girlfriend. Second, what Mitchie discovered, he should've kept to himself and just let Rosie find out on his own terms.

Thanks to Mitchie not being able to hold water, Donna found out what he knew about Erica. Donna, being the protective and sometimes overbearing mother she is, confronted Erica. Donna means well when it comes to her children, but at times she oversteps her boundaries by butting into their love lives.

We Rosewoods take care of each other. That extends to the people we are welcoming to this family.


I'm glad Erica isn't afraid to go up against Donna. Erica constantly let's Donna know that she means well by Rosewood. Getting to the bottom of Erica's secret allowed Donna to see that Erica just may be a great match for her Rosie. Erica and Donna are more alike than they think.

I originally thought Erica was living a double life and lying about her true identity. Erica's secret about taking a break from school to deal with her sister's death resonated with Donna. They're both unsure about how to cope with losing someone they love.

With Rosie's health issues and the idea of losing him, Erica possibly had a hard time explaining how she felt about death to Rosewood.

Now that the secret's out, Donna and Erica can develop a great friendship. This gives Donna the chance to put away her assumptions about Erica. Hopefully Donna will stop sticking her nose into Rosie and Erica's relationship and allow it to blossom.

Words just bypass your brain on their way to your mouth, don't they?


I definitely enjoyed Mitchie's numerous one liners. He's hilarious and brings some much needed comedic relief when you least expect it. Like previously stated, Mitchie means well, he just has a strange way of showing his generosity.

The excitement of working at Magic City Lab gets to Mitchie. He gets so excited about working with Rosewood that it causes Mitchie to have outrageous outbursts and speak without thinking properly.

I want Mitchie to stay around for a while. He brings spunk to an otherwise too serious team.

What is a secret if it's not a secret?


Erica wasn't the only one keeping a secret. Hornstock tried his best to avoid Villa. He knew that if Villa found out about his relations with Daisey, she'll never forgive him. Hornstock considers Villa to be his protégé. 

If things don't work out with Daisey, leaving her heartbroken, Hornstock wouldn't know how to interact with Villa.

Villa is a smart detective and figured out that her mother was fooling around with Hornstock on her own. She knows that Daisey is notorious for wooing men and then leaving them. Villa warned Hornstock about her mother's ways.

Every time my mother does something she knows I don't like, she disappears.


This is Villa's way of telling Hornstock to not take anything her mother does seriously. I have a feeling that if things don't workout between Daisey and Hornstock, Daisey will leave Miami to avoid embarrassment. Villa confirmed Daisey is the type to leave when things get rough.

So what did you originally think was Erica's secret?

Will Donna eventually stay out of Rosewood's relationships? Are you excited to have Mitchie on the Magic City Lab team?

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Sudden Death & Shades Deep Review

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Rosewood Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Oh Rosie. Do you want to talk about the past or taste the present?


Donna: Erica's not coming.
Rosewood: How did you know she was coming?
Donna: It's no secret that she and I got off on the wrong foot.