Orphan Black Season 4 Episode 7 Review: The Antisocialism Of Sex

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Felix was definitely the MVP of Orphan Black Season 4 Episode 7.

In the span of minutes, he took charge and saved the lives of two self-destructing clones – his sister Sarah and Cosima. 

While not necessary as exciting (and certainly not as game-changing) as Orphan Black Season 4 Episode 6, "The Antisocialism of Sex" was a great character-driven (rather than plot-driven) installment.

We got to see each of the clones (and their associated family/friends/allies) deal with Kendall's death in their own way.

Sarah had the most dramatic reaction by a landslide. Beyond being grief-stricken, she felt incredibly guilty that she'd greenlit the plan to trade Kendall's DNA to Evie and Susan in exchange for having the bot removed from her mouth and help with the cure.

Essentially, she traded her own life for Kendall's – inadvertently, of course.

Hearing that Siobhan blamed her for Kendall's death certainly didn't help Sarah's mental state.

You came to me an orphan. That's all you'll ever be.

Siobhan [to Sarah]

Yikes. Mrs. S was grieving and distraught about her mother's death, but as Felix made clear later, she knew what she was doing when she said this to Sarah and allowed her to go off on her own. Sarah's history of dealing with pain and her tough life was well known to both Felix and Mrs. S, the two people she grew up with.

Mrs. S knew what Sarah would do when she left. Either that or she was too wrapped up in her own pain to care to consider what would happen if Sarah left.

Sarah's night on the town was chaotic and violent, with heavy drug use, binge-drinking, and indiscriminate bathroom threeways. It was clear that she was in a tremendous amount of pain and was using these well-worn methods as a form of escapism, an attempt to numb it all.

Dizzy showing up at the club where Sarah was working hard to get hammered was an interesting surprise. I hadn't sensed much romantic chemistry between the two before, and I didn't sense any now – it was fairly obvious that neither was much interested in the other.

Their encounter just made me miss Cal, Kira's father. Too bad he's too busy helping out Daenerys over on Game of Thrones.

Sarah wanted sex as a distraction from her problems, and Dizzy (based on his inability to quit bringing up his friends with maggot bot implants) was clearly more interested in figuring out how Sarah got her implant out.

Despite the bad way they ended things – Sarah insulting Dizzy and storming out after he wouldn't quit asking her about the implant – I suspect he's sticking around. Now that we know he's much more invested in the Neolution bots than he'd previously let on, he has much more at stake.

Sarah's repeated hallucinations of Beth were also a really interesting technique. We've never seen those two characters interact before, though they weren't *truly* interacting. Beth was not a ghost (it's not that type of show, obviously); instead, she was a physical embodiment of all of Sarah's worst, most self-hating tendencies.

The hallucination was right about one thing: Sarah and Beth were more alike than Sarah cared to consider.

There's more than biology between us, Sarah. There's something else. You can feel it, too.


Both struggled with drug use and low self-esteem. Both lashed out and spiraled in similar ways – recall that shortly before her death, Beth spontaneously slept with Art to drown out her own pain and find comfort.

Cosima, meanwhile, was plagued with flashbacks to Kendall's death. Understandably – the manner of the original's demise was shocking and horrific. Like Sarah, Cosima had a direct hand in arranging the trade of Kendall's genetic material. But unlike Sarah, Cosima was grieving for more than just the death of her friend and blood relation.

Cosima was also grieving the apparent loss of any hope for a cure. Essentially, she was grieving her own impending death. On top of that, thanks to Evie harshly informing her that Delphine was shot dead, she was grieving the loss of her true love, after weeks of holding out hope that Delphine might somehow be alive.

It was clear that Cosima was about to do something risky and potentially very stupid ("medically insane" was the great way that Scott put it) as soon as she showed Sarah's bot, which she'd swiped from Evie after the removal, to Scott and Hell Wizard. 

She was spiraling, but at the same time, unlike Sarah, she did not want to die.

For Cosima, the risk that the bot could kill her was worth the chance that it might flip off the gene causing her ailment (in the same way it was designed to flip on the gene to cause the genetic disease in Sarah) – or even that it might kill her but provide the intel needed to save her sister clones from the same ailment. 

Luckily for both Sarah and Cosima, Felix was on hand to prove himself as the best sidekick ever.

I'm being facetious. Felix is clearly above and beyond the designation of sidekick. However, the fact that he's slid so seamlessly back into the mold in the aftermath of Kendall's death is slightly disappointing.

Don't get me wrong. I'm thrilled, of course, that he saved the two clones. But this sort of put the kibosh on his insistence on finding himself outside of the clone drama.

I want Felix to be there for his family and the clone sisters, but he's such an interesting, great character that he deserves his own storyline. The Adele subplot is so lackluster. He needs something juicier. He's so underused.

Right before Felix talked Sarah down off of the ledge on the bridge where the Beth-hallucination was goading her into suicide, he placed a quick call to Cosima, informing her that Krystal revealed something important about Delphine. Some excellent multi-tasking on Felix's part.

That whole phone call scene was a bit too melodramatic for my tastes. Felix spoke with Scott on the phone as Scott and Hell Wizard were attempting to bust down the door and stop Cosima from implanting the bot in her own cheek.

Given the dire circumstances and time being of the essence, why on earth didn't Felix just tell Scott the news about Delphine and have Scott shout it through the door?! Very silly.

Somehow, during Krystal's misguided but oddly effective investigation, she found herself on the trail of Delphine. Now, she saw her get shot, and that's bad. But, Cosima, she saw someone else pick her up. And Delphine was alive when they took her away.


First of all, "misguided yet oddly effective" was the perfect way to describe Krystal. That was so on point.

Second of all, yay, Delphine! This doesn't necessarily mean she's alive but again, we did not see her die. This is pretty much what I expected we'd hear. Again, her body may have just been dumped elsewhere, but I'd be totally fine with her death having been a fakeout. And I am definitely not a fan of death-fakeouts on TV in general.

For one, she's integral to the cure plot. For another, she was a great character and she had so much story left to be told – both individually and in her romance with Cosima.

Finally, Rachel. Oh, Rachel.

When Susan told Rachel about the destruction of the original, it was clear that Susan was ready to give up. Rachel, as we know, refuses to die. We've seen that already. She's willing to try everything and anything, no matter how seemingly insidious, to save herself.

I was also slightly shocked that Rachel is still so eager to have a hand in the death of Sarah and her fellow self-aware clones. Evie shut Rachel down after Rachel volunteered her assistance (quite coldly, might I add) but the Neolution-bred clone was all too ready to kill Sarah.

Rachel certainly doesn't seem like the type to be redeemed, even at this juncture. I wouldn't put it past her to make a deal with Evie to save her own skin – Susan Duncan and Rachel's fellow clones be damned.

The closing image was intriguing and mysterious. Rachel's eye apparently projected an image of a swan – a reference to the Leda myth and subject of art, in which Leda, a mortal woman, was seduced by Zeus in the guise of a swan.

The swan image clearly wasn't real – Ira didn't see it – and it flickered out of sight like a glitching computer image. Rachel mentioned her robotic replacement eye earlier in this installment, when she confronted Susan.

Why would her eye be projecting this particular image? How is it doing that? Did someone specifically program it to do so? Is someone hacking her eye to make the image appear? So many questions!

Stray thoughts:

  • The recording artist at the club during Sarah's bender scene was Peaches. She (her look and her music both) was a perfect choice during the chaos of that scene.
  • I suspected that Tito and Elle, the couple that Sarah partied with, would be villains somehow – tied to Neolution or the like. Doesn't seem that they are, at all. This show has just made me incredibly paranoid about any new faces who are too interested in one of the clone sisters.
  • My heart broke for poor Scotty after Cosima snapped at Hell Wizard that her lab partner was dead. She's understandably distraught about Delphine, but Scott has been there for her, by her side, for a long time now. He deserved more than that, and I'm glad he called her out on it. MORE SCOTT, PLEASE.
  • Why did Rachel feel the need to tell Charlotte that she was dying? That seemed callous for no discernible reason. Unless, of course, she's attempting to talk Charlotte into allowing herself to be used to find the cure. That would be very, very dark.
  • The big update at the Hendrix house wasn't clone-related. It was Donnie's arrest for drug trafficking – during Gemma's birthday party. Yikes. That poor kid. Like I've said in the past, I don't much care for these side plots that keep Allison and Donnie out of the central clone drama, but we'll see how this goes.
  • Art beating down Duko was mega-cathartic. I love Art but Duko's threat was incredibly ominous. Is Art's death, in the clone/Neolution crossfire, imminent? I hope not.

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The Antisocialism Of Sex Review

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