New Girl Season Finale Review: The Wedding

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After building up to it all season it was finally time to celebrate Schmidt and Cece's wedding. 

An argument can easily be made about how well they constructed this season of New Girl. I actually enjoyed how the main focus was the wedding with other crazy antics thrown in. It really did help hype the main event. 

The festivities got underway on New Girl Season 5 Episode 21, with the ending of Schmidt and Cece's rehearsal dinner. I'm pleased they didn't dedicate an entire episode to the rehearsal dinner because it's been done to death on other shows. 

Schmidt Needs Help - New Girl

I could not stop laughing at Winston trying to get Schmidt and Cece to stop kissing so they could go to bed. Winston has easily been the MVP this season. 

Winston has grown into his own. He also finally grew a backbone and told Aly how he felt about her which resulted in them getting together and professing their love. My only complaint when it comes to Winston is how his marriage to Rhonda is going to affect things. 

Of course Schmidt was going to lose his vows the night before the wedding. Why would a man like Schmidt not have backup of his vows somewhere?

I really found myself confused about Schmidt's behavior this season. He has always been an extremely organized people when it comes to important things. How the heck could he lose the vows?

It was hilarious listening to Nick, and Winston, trying to help Schmidt write new vows. Schmidt really would have been better off just getting generic vows off the internet instead of listening to those two adorable morons. 

I figured this would be the end of Sam and Jess's relationship. There was never any reason to get behind them because their demise as a couple was inevitable – especially after the introduction of Diane. 

I almost wish they would have broken up when Diane came to visit because it would have made more sense. I did find myself agreeing with Sam about Jess still having feelings for Nick – it's been clear since the moment she came back from jury duty that she still had a thing for Nick. 

The Wedding - New Girl

The wedding really kicked into high gear on New Girl Season 5 Episode 22, but things didn't exactly go as planned. 

I called it at the beginning of the season about Schmidt and Cece's wedding not happening the way they thought it would. It was incredibly sweet of Schmidt to go to great lengths to get Cece's mom to come to their wedding. 

Even though Schmidt wasn't at the wedding, it was still one of the best "weddings" I've seen in a long time. It was a genius move having Schmidt being part of the festivities while still being stuck on the plane. 

The most interesting development came when Jess was the one to finally realize she still held a torch for Nick. Can we please not drag out the possibility of Nick and Jess getting back together? 

It was interesting to hear, again, why Jess ultimately wanted to break things off with Nick because I had actually forgotten. My heart broke a little bit for Jess when she realized Regan was going to go after the man she still wanted. 

But it's difficult to get behind Nick and Regan as a couple. As much as I have enjoyed Regan, I don't see her being able to put up with all of Nick's eccentricities. It's also clear they're going to head down the Nick and Jess road again next season. 

In the end, the friends put together the perfect wedding for Schmidt and Cece. They never needed an extravagant wedding. They only needed to be surrounded by close friends and family. 

Now it's your turn to tell me what you think! Did you enjoy Schmidt and Cece's wedding? Are you ready for the Nick and Jess storyline to be resolved? Are you still wondering where Ferguson was going on the elevator? 

Don't feel bad if you missed out! You can watch New Girl online now via TV Fanatic. Just make sure to come back to let us know what you think. 

Wedding Eve Review

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