New Girl Review: Dress and Return to Sender

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Can we please have Winston create a song for Cece and Schmidt's wedding?

When other shows decide to double up on episodes, it usually means they're trying to burn off those remaining, but New Girl has found a way to make it work. 

The double dose of Jess and friends makes me even more excited about the upcoming wedding between Cece and Schmidt. It was actually a smart idea to make the second half of the season all about the events leading to the wedding of the season. 

The lead up to the wedding started on New Girl Season 5 Episode 19, with Jess being tasked with fixing the atrocity of a dress Cece bought whole drunk. I was pleased they didn't gloss over Jess fixing the dress and instead made it a big deal. 

I figured Jess wouldn't have even started on the dress. I was surprised Cece didn't question Jess further about the state of her dress. The two of them have been friends forever. Cece had to have a feeling Jess was procrastinating when she was constantly given the brush off about seeing the dress. 

Jess's frustration with the dress was rather comical, but why didn't she think to ask Schmidt for help in the first place? Schmidt, of all people, would be the one to go to about finishing things for the wedding. 

No one else was really shocked to learn Schmidt created his own office in the restroom at work, right? It was actually a pretty genius move, but I knew he would get caught eventually. 

The only problem I had with Schmidt's work was the way he was blowing off his job. Schmidt has always been a workaholic – there's no way he would just put all attention on the wedding and ignore his job. 

On the plus side, we got a chance to see Jess at Schmidt's work which was a welcomed change. I always look forward to seeing Schmidt's boss because she is such a terrible person who I can't help but love. 

I was beyond thrilled Aly and Winston are finally dating. They really are a great couple. Winston brings out a completely different side to Aly. Can we please flashback to more of Aly working with babies? 

I am not looking forward to Rhonda eventually returning and ruining things for them. Can she please just give Winston a divorce already? Hasn't this "prank" gone too far?

Was I the only one who wasn't interested in Nick trying to get ahold of Regan? I miss Regan, I really do, but I hate how obsessed Nick is being when it comes to her. I also thought it was established she would be going to the wedding before she even moved out of the loft. 

The buildup to the wedding continued on New Girl Season 5 Episode 20, but this time revolved around Nick being nervous about Schmidt's father letting Schmidt down. 

Nick's love for his friends, and when he will do to make sure they're OK, is why I could never fully dislike him. Does his obsessive behavior with Regan get on my nerves? Of course, but he really is a great guy. 

Nick did bring up some great points about Gavin being an absentee parent. Even though we know Schmidt is like a husband to Nick, Nick is like a wife to Schmidt. He has always been there to pick up the pieces when Schmidt has been disappointed by his father. 

I totally called Schmidt and Cece's wedding not happening at the warehouse. Gavin stepping up and offering his vineyard to Schmidt was a great moment. They deserve to have the wedding of their dreams and it's time for Gavin to finally be the father Schmidt deserves. 

Was I the only one a little confused about Jess not knowing Sam's friends? She's dated him before, wouldn't she at least know who Diane was?

Jess's jealousy also made absolutely no sense. Jess is living with her ex boyfriend for goodness sakes – she's the last person who should be getting upset; though I figured Diane would reveal she was in love with Sam after being confronted by Jess.

Even though I do like Sam and Jess together I'll never be able to fully get behind their relationship. I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. I would be totally fine with being proven wrong, but at this time, I am just waiting for the inevitable break up. 

It also seems odd how the writers are constantly adding in best friends being in love or unrequited love. Are they trying to tell us something? 

Now it's your turn! Are you happy with the change of venue? Do you think Nick deserves more credit when it comes to his friends? Are you able to get behind Sam and Jess as a couple?

You still have time to catch up before the season finale next week. Go watch New Girl online now via TV Fanatic. Just make sure to come back to let us know what you think. 

Dress and Return to Sender Review

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