Game of Thrones Round Table: Will Theon Be Able To Go Home?

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Jon Snow returned on Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2. We also got to witness the return of Bran Stark who took us to the past. 

Below, TV Fanatics Caralynn Lippo, Meg Bonney and Paul Dailly discuss Snow's return, Ramsey's death and Theon's return home... 

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Jon Snow is back. React!

Caralynn: Least shocking twist ever. Nearly every viewer called that twist ages ago. The show isn't shy about shocking deaths, but Jon Snow was just too important to remain dead. That much was clear. He's up there with Daenerys and Tyrion in terms of importance. Those three are basically unkillable, in my opinion.

Meg: Gasp?!? Just kidding. I agree with Caralynn, least shocking twist ever. I am very excited to see what Zombie Jon is all about. Will he be the same dude or will he be different? Time will tell!

Paul: I'm with Caralynn on this one. It would have been more shocking if he stayed dead. I'm intrigued to find out how all of this will play out for him.

What did you think of Bran's return?

Caralynn: I really liked the flashback vision! It was interesting to see Ned and Benjen as children and to sort of "meet" Lyanna for the first time. Seeing Hodor pre-Hodor made me sad, though. Poor guy.

Meg: This was the best part! This is the only way that we will get Neds backstory now that all of those folks are dead. I am hoping we will get some more about Lyanna next week!

Paul: It was great. I was annoyed that he wasn't featured at all last year, but the show is making up for his disappearance so far!

Who will be the one to take out Ramsey?

Caralynn: I truly hope that it's Sansa. That would be an excellent moment and a great character arc for her, to finally be able to personally take out one of her oppressors. She's dealt with so much and has essentially been handed off from one character to another. To see her rescue herself and kill Ramsay in the process would be amazingly cathartic. Unfortunately, I think it will be Theon. The show seems determined to redeem "Reek," and that would be the best way to do it -- have Theon sacrificing himself to take out Ramsay.

Meg: His dogs. I want someone to throw him in with the dogs. I have never hated a character so much. He is awful scum.

Paul: I agree with Caralynn. Sansa taking him out would be fantastic and it would make me like her even more. Ramsey is so evil.

Was Tommen right to keep his mother away from Myrcella's funeral?

Caralynn: Yes. I'm really not getting that we're supposed to be feeling sympathetic towards Cersei. Cersei is awful! I've yet to feel legitimate pity for her. She's a hideous person. I don't think I'll ever forgive her for her past atrocities, at least enough to feel for her pain.

Meg: It was super weird. That whole family is weird. I actually sort of wish that Joffrey was still king. He never would have let things get this bad. Ugh. That's what I say to the Lannisters.

Paul: After the first two episodes, I'm done with Cersei. She used to be such a wicked and great character. All she's done these two episodes is mope about. I think Tommen was in the wrong though.

Where will the dragons go to?

Caralynn: They'll probably seek out their mother, Daenerys. I feel like those dragons exist solely to swoop in and save Daenerys when she's in trouble in these badass, climactic ways.

Meg: I think they will stay with Tyrion until their Mama comes home. They seemed to trust him.

Paul: I sure hope they go and help Daenerys. She needs back in power as soon as possible.

Will Yara take Theon back in?

Caralynn: Absolutely. Particularly now that his father Balon is dead. I suspect that Yara, Theon, and their people will end up marching against Ramsay. Hence, Theon killing Ramsay himself.

Meg: For sure. I think that Theon will get the redemption he is looking for from his sister. She seems to be the least suckiest of the Iron peeps. She also hasn't been shy about wanting to save her brother.

Paul: I think she'll be against him at first. More so now that a new member of her family will be in her life.

What did you think of all the drama? Hit the comments below!

Note: Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3 airs Sunday May 8 on HBO.

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