Days of Our Lives Round Table: Should the Teens Be Behind Bars?

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The teens celebrated their prom this week in Salem by getting thrown in jail while Chad checked Abigail into the hospital and Nicole plotted with Victor and Dario on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Stickeywicket from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate what Belle really wants, if the teens deserved to be arrested and what was their favorite scene from the week. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Do you think Belle wants Shawn or Philip?

Jack: I don't know, because I don't think the writers know! LOL. I think Belle is confused. She wants Shawn MORE than Philip but I wouldn't say she doesn't want Philip at all. I think he's her safety net, like Brady used to be for Nicole.

Stickeywicket: I think Belle likes the adventure that Phillip brings to her life but she likes the stability that Shawn provides.

Christine: Honestly, I just don’t care. They have ruined the character of Belle for me. I’d happily see her with Shawn or Philip if she’d just stop being so selfish.

Should Ciara and her friends have been arrested?

Jack: It's hard to say since we didn't actually see what they did, whose idea it was and if anybody was a reluctant participant. They all certainly have a bad attitude and don't seem to get that two wrongs don't make a right, so I'm leaning towards yes, but an actual scene showing their crime would have made this clearer. Joey and Ciara in particular have been getting away with murder (in Joey's case literally) so a night or two in jail is probably not unreasonable for them. Not sure about the others.

Stickeywicket: I say no, because they didn't even get the whole story. The police should have checked out the story most of them were telling.

Christine: Absolutely! They vandalized someone’s car. Yes, they were provoked but that doesn’t make it right. These teens have no concept of consequences. They abducted Chase and Joey even killed a woman! And then they all have attitudes about it. Why does every teen in Salem have to be an entitled brat?

Ciara and Theo's Prom Photos - Days of Our Lives

Was Kayla right to call Jade’s parents?

Jack: I don't think that was her place. She was right to tell Joey that Jade is not her responsibility, but she really doesn't know what's going on. Either Jade isn't her responsibility and she lets Jade sit in jail until she decides to call someone or she's taking responsibility for her, not both. Besides, how does she know Jade's parents aren't abusive/likely to be abusive over this?

Stickeywicket: I think she was. It will be interesting to see who Jade's parents are and what her backstory is.

Christine: As a parent, I think Kayla was right to call her parents. She’s a minor and she’s in jail. Her parents needed to be called. 

Should Nicole trust Dario or Victor?

Jack: No and no. Victor has a super low opinion of Nicole and I think he's using her interest in getting Deimos back to try to prove to himself and the world that Nicole is still a fortune hunter and/or that she's a prostitute and that she wouldn't have been good enough for Daniel had he lived. Dario is living from con to con. I'd rather see Nicole team up with Rafe on this if she needs to team up with somebody.

Stickeywicket: I am in Vic's corner for this one. I think or hope Victor is finally on the up and up.

Christine: I don’t think she should trust either one. Like Jack said, Dario is a con artist and Victor doesn’t respect Nicole which means he could hang her out to dry at any moment. Plus, I hate it when Victor brings up Nicole’s past as Misty. It just feels all kinds of wrong. 

Was Chad’s offer to Ciara a good compromise?

Jack: I was impressed. I thought Chad did a great job of handling Ciara's impulsive attempt to drop out of school. He may be a good mentor for her, similar to how Daniel was with JJ.

Stickeywicket: I thought this was a great compromise and a win/win for both of them.

Christine: I think he did a great job of handling a difficult situation. I felt horrible for him. As if the poor guy doesn’t have enough on his plate, now he’s got to handle Ciara’s meltdown and pay her to stay in school. I just hope that Chad sits down with Hope and let’s her know what’s going on because someone needs to fill her in on Ciara’s plan. 

Ciara Wants to Quit School - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Jack: The lamest prom ever, complete with insta-villain Mark and an off-screen bad act that landed the entire teen scene except Theo in jail. Abe's attitude towards Theo also needs major work, and I could have lived without Lani's latest attempt to bed Shawn when they're supposed to be working. Also I'd liked to have seen more of JJ's reactions after Abby was institutionalized and I think Marlena should have been at the hospital to help her get settled.

Stickeywicket: I am disappointed they are going down the Fynn/Kayla route, just let Steve and Kayla be together!!!

Christine: There was so much! The prom was the worst. All of the teens were unlikable. Lani has gone from strange to sleazy and Belle was jumping from Philip back to Shawn once again. Wake me when it’s over. 

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from the week?

Jack: I loved Hope actually being firm with Ciara. Also, Philip getting a clue and telling Belle he wasn't interested in being her consolation prize while she pines for Shawn. Go Philip!

Stickeywicket: I love the scenes with Theo. I think he has a great way about him and an awesome guy all around.

Christine: Chad checking Abigail in at the hospital was simply heartbreaking but it made for some of the best scenes of the week. 

Want more? Then check out Jack Ori’s Days of Our Lives recap and review right her at Days of Our Lives. 

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