Containment Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Inferno

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It’s Night 9 of their entrapment inside the cordon and things are getting pretty tense inside the zone’s cleanest building.

Containment Season 1 Episode 7 finds Jana’s office building under attack from the garage tweakers and she, Jake, Sam, and her fellow co-workers must do everything in their power to keep Bitscan safe, including but not limited to stairwell shootings and lighting people on fire.

Jana's Plea - Containment

So Jana is sort of a whiz at...everything. De-encrypting files. Beating people up with satellite phones in dark stairwells while calling for help. Restoring power to entire buildings with a few keystrokes.

Blowing people up.

You know. All totally useful skills for a zone-wide quarantine or the Zombie Apocalypse. 

Seriously. She's kind of an all-around badass with a level head to boot! While everyone else except Jake, Sam, and Xander are freaking out she's being all heroic and getting things done.

Maybe all these risks she's taking are going to pay off. But then again she might be infected.

In tangling with the tweaker in the stairwell, and in pausing to call Lex and learning that the phone is government-issue (a very important piece of the puzzle), there's a possibility that Jana was infected since we know some of the tweakers were infected and on the verge of death. If she's infected, she now has nowhere to hide.

If breaking their clean room seal with her aerosol torch through the vents trick wasn't enough, blowing up half of Bitscan probably would have done it. 

Bitscan is no longer the safest place in the entire cordon. Though they did prove they can hold their own against a bunch of meth heads high on whatever substances they could find in their lawless state, so that's something. 

Okay, so Jana, Sam, and Jake proved they can hold their own. Susie panics and that other guy is a little useless. Tony is very, very dead. Xander has to take care of Teresa because she's due to have a baby at pretty much any time and now her mother is gone, probably for good.

Raise your hand if you immediately had flashes of The Walking Dead when that tweaker popped up and bit Leann on the shoulder!


What a crazy way to be infected in this particular situation, you know? 

I have never really warmed to Teresa's mother (Leann), so I can't say that I'm sad to see her go. Sure, it's sad for Teresa to think about having her baby without her mother, but her mother didn't want her to have the baby until the very end anyway. 

Xander let Leann know that she needed to cool her jets, so she did. Score one for the future father. 

Leann was straight up mean about everything until Xander put her in her place about how their primary focus was on Teresa and keeping her alive and healthy. I feel like adults are supposed to be wiser than teenagers, but personal history tells me that's not always true so I'm not sure why I thought it would be here.

Teresa was the tearjerker in that final scene, coupled with Leann's stoic nature as she climbed aboard the elevator and left Bitscan. That's the only time I've really seen any emotion besides bitterness in the mother's face in seven episodes. 

We're probably supposed to be relieved she gave Xander and Teresa her blessing, but I don't really think they needed it to know they would be raising their baby together. Or trying to, at least. 

Elsewhere in the episode, Jake spent a few minutes gushing about Katie to Jana and Lex got in touch with his estranged father, a man who was fired from the police force for taking the bait of a racist fellow cop. The guy uttered a racial slur toward him, Carnahan Sr. punched the guy, and the guy laid in the floor smiling, knowing he'd "won." 

That event was, apparently, a pretty big schism in Lex's relationship with his father, whose advice to Lex is to be a little more angry about everything and a lot less understanding and kind.

Anger can be a great catalyst when it's used effectively, but it can also make people sloppy and dangerous. Lex seems like maybe he would be more of the former and less of the latter, but how are we going to find out now that he's been caught trying to slip over the wall and into the cordon?

The National Guard caught Lex trying to break in so that he could try and rescue Jana. (Jana didn't need saving, dude. She DID the saving! #GirlPower!) Now he's being hauled away somewhere in the back of a van and no one knows about it. 

This is not going to be good.

What did you think of "Inferno? What will Jana and her people do now that Bitscan no longer has clean rooms? Will they be able to get out of the cordon like Jana suggested? Where is Lex being taken? Jump into the comments below and let's chat about this week's Containment!

And don't forget! If you've missed any episodes, you can watch Containment online!

Inferno Review

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Jana: It's an improvement on the trucker hat.

Great. You guys are two Sudafed short of a meth lab.