Blindspot Season 1 Episode 22 Review: If Love a Rebel, Death Will Render

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The ending of Blindspot Season 1 Episode 22 had my jaw firmly on the ground. The last scenes recently have been so good, I have no idea how the season finale next week can one up them.

Let's just get to it. Mayfair is dead! I can't wrap my head around it. Why?! Her character was so complicated and interesting and added so much to the show that it's a very bold and confusing choice to kill her.

It's a shame that a strong, black, gay character was taken away from viewers. It seemed that Mayfair's death could have happened much later in season two, so having it happen in a non-season finale episode almost cheapens her death.

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Wouldn't it have been much more drama if she lived and convinced the rest of the team about Jane and how they can't trust her? Then maybe the team would be divided between non-Jane believers and Jane believers (probably only Weller).

The emotional turmoil Weller would have gone through from wanting to trust Jane but knowing that Mayfair was telling the truth? I would have thoroughly enjoyed those scenes.

Yes, Mayfair died after realizing that Jane was the one who set her up. Mayfair figured out that everything was a big scam. She didn't rescue Alex from some drunk guy at the bar; they were setting her up. The money she gave Sofia wasn't to help Sofia escape the country; it was to be placed in Alex's hotel helping to frame Mayfair.

Once the pieces were put together, Mayfair was able to track down a number for Sofia taking her to the abandoned building where Jane was waiting for Oscar. Mayfair knew then that Jane had set her up.

It looked like Mayfair was going to shoot Jane, so Oscar shot her first. Mayfair dead basically telling Jane that Weller would never forgive her for lying.

I just wish I could be there to see his face when he finds out what you really are.


If you thought that ending was enough to keep you talking, you were wrong because Weller's dad dropped an epic truth bomb. He did, in fact, kill Taylor Shaw. Meaning Jane is not Taylor Shaw!

Weller's dad was nearing his last breath and kept saying that she is under the fort. The she in question is Taylor. So who is Jane? Why does this organization want everyone, but specifically Weller, to think that Jane is Taylor?

Oscar also always calls Jane Taylor; is that to trick her as well? Or is Jane's real name also Taylor? What was with all the flashbacks of Jane watching Weller and Taylor's family? Could Jane be related to Taylor? I probably could ask about 100 more questions about this.

The true identity of Jane hasn't been discussed in so many, many episodes that it felt like a done deal that Jane was Taylor Shaw.

It's completely understandable why Weller's dad wouldn't tell his family the truth. He wanted his son to like him again, and this person everyone thought was Taylor gave him that opportunity. Weller's dad obviously couldn't die without clearing his conscious so now Weller has to deal with all of this.

Those two plot developments were huge, but they weren't the only things to happen that were interesting. How awesome was it see Mayfair run around town, tracking down leads? She was very high up on the FBI food chain, so she must have been a great agent, and it was fantastic to see that in action.

Using pay phones, giving people money for tips, accusing Jane and just putting all the puzzle pieces together was a great change up for her character. If only we got to see more of it.

A rundown of other developments:

  • Oscar told Jane that setting up Mayfair was only phase one, and there is more work to do. What is next for Oscar and the organization?
  • Zapata made up with Mayfair by helping her track Sofia's number and telling Mayfair that Reade is not the only one that can be trusted.
  • I will say, I thought the entire time Zapata and Mayfair were on the phone that we would see the DA standing behind Zapata ready to set up Mayfair again.
  • I know you're probably thinking that the Jane/Weller kiss should be more prominent in the review but with everything that is going on, it just isn't that important. Weller kissed Jane without knowing the truth about her and her actions.
  • When Weller and Jane kiss after everything is out in the open, then it will matter. Until then we will all just have to wait because it is probably going to be some time until we get another kiss.
  • The fight scenes involving Jane this week were amazing. The stunt coordination and the stunt actors on this show need to get an Emmy nomination.

This season is going to end with a bang, and I cannot wait until next week's finale.

What are you thoughts on this episode? Do you have as many questions as I do? Did you see the big Jane is not Taylor Shaw reveal coming? Will you miss Mayfair as much as I will?

As always you can watch Blindspot online here. See you all next week, but let me know your thoughts in the comments or on twitter.

If Love a Rebel, Death Will Render Review

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