Arrow Season 4 Episode 22 Review: Lost in the Flood

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You gotta have hope, right?

Because, without hope there's nothing, and if Damien Darhk gets his way, that's exactly what there's going to be a lot of.

Fortunately, on Arrow Season 4 Episode 22, Oliver and friends provide a little hope as they move one step closer to ending the nightmare that is Damien Darhk.

It would have been a lot easier for Darhk had he just killed Oliver and Diggle when he had the chance in the secret basement room of city hall.

After all, he was gorged with power from all the deaths from the missile that took out Havenrock on Arrow Season 4 Episode 21, and he probably could have snapped their necks with just a thought.

Instead, he decided to let them live and even shared his next steps with them. Dumb move on his part, because things just got more difficult for Darhk as the hour progressed.

I'm pulling the oxygen out of your bodies molecule by molecule, but there's good news. I'm not going to kill you. Well, not right now at least. Instead, I'm going to regain control of Rubicon that way when the whole world goes all Dr. Strangelove, you can feel your skin melt from armageddon.


And in the end, he basically lost everything which is going to make him much more dangerous as we head into the season finale next week. He's a guy with nothing to lose at this point, so why not make everyone suffer for his pain?

Though I don't think he knows that his daughter is still alive. And he for sure doesn't know she was saved by Oliver. Will that make a difference at all? Will he still want to move forward with nuclear annihilation once he finds out?

Oliver and Diggle wasted no time in trying to rescue Thea once they found out where she was. Though they really didn't know what "where" was until they broke into the ark and saw what a wonderful world Darhk had created.

I liked how they really didn't try to hide themselves when they first entered the ark. It was a little strange seeing them in their costumes in the bright sunlight, but I liked the juxtaposition it created with light versus dark.

Plus, it really fit in with the theme of hope that kept cropping up throughout the hour.

Oliver wasn't expecting a fight from his sister when he first found her, and it was annoying how Malcom conveniently showed up to share the news that she had been drugged. What was with the way he put his hand on her shoulder during that exchange? 

Oliver: I should have taken your head.
Malcolm: That's always been your problem. The inability to do what's necessary.
Oliver: Laurel is dead because of you.
Malcolm: What are you gonna do? We've already established you're not going to kill me.

But Malcolm and Thea's alliance didn't last very long, because Diggle came along to save the day. The best scene of the hour was Diggle and Oliver engaging in a shootout with the ghosts while running through the neighborhood. It was ridiculous though that the ghosts didn't bother to check the stairwell where the two hid. The ghosts just barreled past it like it didn't even exist.

I was as surprised as anyone about the family not taking the pills and still standing behind Darhk anyway. They really believed Darhk was their savior. And, it seemed to make Oliver really question himself, without making him beat himself up for failing to do what these people thought Darhk was doing for them.

So many promises were made to save this city, but it all just fell apart, and we were the ones left in the rubble. Damien Darhk gave us hope. Can you, with your masks and your guns, say the same?

Ark guy

Thea's influence under Darhk's pills was short lived as all it took was a little talk from Oliver to bring her back to reality. Maybe Malcolm didn't give her enough, because it seemed kind of hokey that she could be undone so quickly. And had Anarky not interrupted, she probably would have shot that arrow right through Malcolm's heart.

It's too bad Anarky is a bad guy, because he'd make a good ally for Team Arrow. The guy kicks butt. Look at all the havoc he's created in two short hours. He killed Ruve (which was sad, but not really) and pretty much single-handedly destroyed the ark. 

And how is it that this little boy basically beat the crap out of Team Arrow? Three of them versus one of him, and they couldn't take him down? That's why he should be the one to take down Darhk next hour. But I get the feeling that next week is going to be more of a mental challenge than a physical one.

While all this fun was happening in Darhk's ark, all kinds of crazy was happening at Felicity's loft. I was expecting more emotion from Felicity after the Havenrock destruction. There was too much cheer going on. Too much of a light mood considering the circumstances. Thousands of people just lost their lives, yet she couldn't knock down that witty, perky self of hers for just one episode to reflect on what had happened?

Oh, boo hoo, she shed a few tears before Noah showed up. Big deal. As soon as Curtis arrived, it was party time


Curtis: If you're Felicity's dad, and you were married to Donna, you [pointing to Felicity] make so much more sense now!
Felicity: Yup.

And when Donna got there, things really picked up, because we need to have family arguments about past mistakes being at the forefront when nuclear annihilation is nipping at your heels.

It's not that I didn't enjoy the drama, I just thought it was really out of place considering the circumstances. I was enjoying Felicity working together with Noah. Donna sticking her nose in it all was sort of disappointing, but not unexpected. I don't understand why there can't be a relationship between Noah and Felicity. People change. 

But this wasn't the time to explore any of that drama, and thankfully Felicity and her dad were able to defeat Cooper and his attempts to take back control of Rubicon. 

Although Donna made Noah say bye-bye, I don't think he's going to be gone long since Darhk has come to visit. If he's been tracking Felicity as he said he was, he's going to know something is up. Also, didn't anyone else think it was strange how quickly he caved in to Donna's pressure and left? 

Other Thoughts:

  • My favorite scene was when Donna thought Felicity was pregnant, and she jumped up and down like a schoolgirl, high fiving Curtis. It gets points just for the absurdity of it considering the situation.
  • What was Lance doing in the bunker all alone?
  • Darhk's daughter was rather calm cradled in Diggle's arms. You'd think she'd be screaming for mommy or daddy or both.

What did you think about "Lost in the Flood?" How do you think Team Arrow will stop Damien?  Will Noah return to save his daughter? Share your thoughts in the comments below. If you need to catch up, you can watch Arrow online right here via TV Fanatic!

In the meantime, check out a preview for the season finale, "Schism."

Lost in the Flood Review

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Arrow Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

I'm pulling the oxygen out of your bodies molecule by molecule, but there's good news. I'm not going to kill you. Well, not right now at least. Instead, I'm going to regain control of Rubicon that way when the whole world goes all Dr. Strangelove, you can feel your skin melt from armageddon.


Diggle: He's not human anymore.
Darhk: Oh, I'm still human. Just better.