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Oliver went on a magical mystery tour with Felicity on Arrow Season 4 Episode 20 to try to see if he could get some help to defeat Darhk. While he was visiting with Constantine's shaman friend, Diggle took a ride down a dark path with his brother, Andy, while Thea found herself stuck someplace she didn't want to be.

Join TV Fanatics, Kathleen Wiedel, Jim Garner, Kelly Thompson, and Lisa Babick as they share their thoughts on these issues and more.

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Diggle finally pulled the trigger an killed Andy. React.

Kathleen: Andy was either intentionally provoking Diggle into shooting him or he was an awfully big idiot for inciting him like that. The look on his face as he collapsed seemed to be one of disbelief, so I'll go with "idiot" for the moment.

As for Diggle himself, he's got a lot to come to terms with. What he really needs is a whole lot of therapy, but something tells me that's not going to happen. Dig's always felt a lot of responsibility for his brother, and the fact that Dig killed him is almost certainly going to tear him up, no matter how justified it was.

Jim: I agree Kathleen, I actually said out loud "Why do you look surprised Andy, you've been provoking a guy with a gun." I hope Diggle will get past it, but then again, he is my first choice for someone to be killed off, so I guess time will tell.

Kelly: I was ready for Andy to be gone. Diggle has been through a lot this year and anyone that threatens Sara has to go. I agree with the others, the look of shock on Andy face was out of place.

Lisa: I was surprised Diggle finally pulled the trigger. He let him go so many times this hour, but I'm glad Andy is gone. He deserved what he got, and now we can move on.

Why do you think Darhk locked up Thea in his ark? What are his plans for her?

Kathleen: Whatever the reason for Thea being there, it's probably not anything good. Maybe Malcolm Merlyn had something to do with her being there, either directly or indirectly. Perhaps Darhk likes her genes?

Jim: I suspect it has to do with Merlyn's deal to keep Thea safe. Even though Malcolm and Thea are at odds I suspect as her father he still wants to see her safe.

Kelly: Jim took the thoughts out of my head. Malcolm saved her in whatever deal he made with Darhk.

Lisa: I agree with what everyone said. Malcolm is definitely involved.

Lyla played a big part in "Genesis." Do you think she should become part of Team Arrow? Why or why not?

Kathleen: I'm going to say no. Being a full-time Team Arrow member would put her even more in the line of fire than she already is, and little Sara needs at least one parent to raise her. Family is the most important, and it's not like there's no one out there who could fit in on Team Arrow. Sara, meanwhile, has only one mom.

Jim: Well said Kathleen. I agree with "no". While it is great to see them using Argus as a resource so we get to see Lyla, she doesn't need to be part of team Arrow.

Kelly: I would only want Lyla to join Team Arrow because that would mean more Lyla. Diggle and her relationship has been great for this show. I get what the others say that it would be dangerous, but it's not like Lyla doesn't already have a dangerous job

Lisa: I agree with Kelly. Lyla is already playing dangerous, so her joining Team Arrow wouldn't be that much of a stretch.

What are your thoughts on an episode with no flashbacks?

Kathleen: I realize why they use the flashbacks, but sometimes the flashbacks are distracting, rather than informing on what's happening in the present. I'd rather have an episode with no flashbacks than an episode with extraneous or irrelevant flashbacks.

Jim: I guess we aren't counting the flashes that Oliver got when he was training with the magic as flashbacks... Honestly, the recent series of flashbacks on the island have really dragged on.

Kelly: I loved that this episode had no flashbacks, they have been slowing down the pace of this season. I hope we get more episodes without them. All the flashbacks to is pull away from the actual storylines of the show and in almost everyone, Ollie's life is in danger. They are a waste of time.

Lisa: It was refreshing not to have any flashbacks. I don't count the ones he had at the chamber, because those were more like quick snippets. Like Kelly said, the flashbacks have been dragging the story down.

Oliver was able to find the light and repel Darhk's magic after just one short training session with Esrin Fortuna. Do you think he'll be able to summon it again or was this a one-time deal?

Kathleen: It would be cool if he could summon the light again, but I am hesitant to suggest he should make it a habit from a viewer's perspective. Otherwise it could devolve into a Deus ex Machina – "Oh, big bad? No problem! I've got awesome magic to protect me from him!"

Jim: I really wanted to see Esrin Fortuna point out that Felicity was the one who could/should wield the light magic. I think Felicity having access to it, but not a lot of control would avoid the problem Kathleen mentioned while giving Felicity a unique ability beyond nerdy-hacker.

Kelly: He'll summon it again but it will probably only be one more time to defeat Darhk or the entire team will have to summon it to defeat Darhk. I don't think it will become habit though.

Lisa: I like Kelly's idea of the whole team summoning the light to defeat Darhk. I don't think it's going to be a regular crutch for him or the team.

Any other thoughts on the episode you'd like to share?

Kathleen: That look on Diggle's face when he shot his brother! Oh, poor Diggle. So shocked and appalled and sad and bereft and "What have I DONE?!" Also, I want to share just how much I love Neal McDonough chewing the scenery as Damien Darhk. He's just having so much fun with that role!

Jim: I have to agree with Kathleen on McDonough's presence on the screen, he is so much fun to watch. I rewound and watched him "break" the woman's back as she ran a couple of times because the expression and dialog right after was so well done.

Kelly: I found it pretty laughable that the way to control all the nuclear bombs in the world were just in Lyla's wrist. Not the smartest thing and seemed a little convenient.

Lisa: I agree with Kathleen and Jim about Neal McDonough. He is a lot of fun.

Tune into Arrow Season 4 Episode 21, "Monument Point" on Wednesday, May 11 to see what's next. Take a sneak peek below!

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Arrow Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

Oliver is leaving tonight for a magical mystery tour and wants me to stay put.


Darhk: After all, why would I rely solely on the word of Malcom Merlyn? He can be so...underhanded.
Merlyn: Cute.

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