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Is a Wesen run cult pulling people in to go against Nick and the team?

That seemed to be the case on Grimm Season 5 Episode 16 when all hell broke loose. And we mean it: ALL HELL!

Captain Renard took further risks to ensure that the local government and him saw eye-to-eye, but were the board members really that gullible?

Also, Eve borrowed a page from Adalind's book in order to get some more information on Black Claw, but was it enough?

Use the video above to watch Grimm online to get up to date with all the drama!

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Grimm Season 5 Episode 16 Quotes

Eve: Do you remember when Adalind became me and I became her?
Monroe: I'm pretty sure none of us will ever be able to *un-remember* that.

Monroe [about Renard]: So, what do we think? Are we *voting* for him?
Hank: Well, the devil you know...