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Gil did a bad, bad thing.

On Game of Silence Season 1 Episode 2 Gil decided to confront Bobby Marks by himself.

Shawn came to Gil's aid when he needed him, and it's soon evident why.

When the detective showed up at their work site, Shawn shared how he first met Gil.

What followed was a bond that could never be erased. But does he know his friend as well as he thought?

Jackson worked a case, meanwhile, that shows just how well he knows the juvenile justice system.

They might need his knowledge of the adult criminal system a lot more, though.

Find out why when you watch Game of Silence online by clicking above.

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Game of Silence Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Jackson: He may look a little different, but he's still just a scared little kid.
Marina: Are you sure we're talking to the same guy?
Jackson: We need to humanize him. DA's gonna paint him as a monster, but that's not who he was when he went in. Juvie did that, Huntsville's gonna make him worse.

Jackson: Confession.
Shawn: Yeah.
Jackson: From a dead man. That makes it look like we coerced him into saying something. That ties us into his murder. Did you think about that?