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Did Hodgins manage to get over the explosion that made him paralyzed?

That was addressed on Bones Season 11 Episode 11 as he struggled to accept the fact that he will spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

Meanwhile, Brennan and Booth investigated the death of a public defender whose long list of clients revealed plenty of murder suspects. 

Sweets' widow showed back up in town, but why was she there?

Use the video above (just click on it and follow its easy instructions) to watch Bones online to get up to speed with all the latest drama.

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Bones Season 11 Episode 11 Quotes

Wendell: What if there's an animal in there?
Hodgins: Dude, that's half the fun.

Wendell: What if it's more detrimental for him to stay at home thinking about everything he can't do?
Brennan: There is no quantitative method for evaluating such an question.