The Originals Round Table: Is There Hope For Freya?

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Is there hope for Freya?

On The Originals Season 3 Episode 16 Lucien kidnapped her and took her to Mystic Falls. 

TV Fanatics Kelly Thompson, Miranda Wicker and Paul Dailly chat about Lucien's big plan, Klayley's trip and Cami's whereabouts.

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What's Lucien's big plan for Freya?

Kelly: I think the previews for next week's episode proved that he needs her to help him become an original. I want to say that called Lucien as being the one looking for the white oak bullet.  There had to be a reason why he was still on the show.

Miranda: Can I just say that all of my hopes for a hot hookup between Freya and Lucien are now dashed into a million pieces? I really loved their banter, but there's no way he survives this. Lucien needs an Original witch to become an original, but where will they get doppelganger blood?  

Paul: Yeah, all signs are pointing to him wanting to become the new big bad.

Are you enjoying Klaus and Hayley being out of town?

Kelly: I am. Hayley challenges Klaus because she is really the only one that can. Klaus would never hurt her because she is Hope's mother. Watching her call Klaus out was probably my favorite scene of the episode. I don't want them to become romantic but them being friends and co-parenting, I'm all about it.

Miranda: Yes and no. I love that Hayley stands up to Klaus and she seems to be one person he actually respects and listens to. Apparently they're not returning to town for three years, so we better get used to their on-the-road act. 

Paul: Yeah, these two have been at odds for the past two seasons, so it's great to see them actually be civil to one another.

What happens to Vincent when the possession ends?

Kelly: Vincent will be fine. This isn't the first time he's been possessed and will probably not be the last.

Miranda: Yeah, Vincent's a survivor. This isn't something he can't handle. 

Paul: I have a feeling that his days are numbered.

Where is Cami?

Kelly: I don't know but I want her to come back. I thought her becoming a vampire would make her more involved in the plot but that doesn't appear to be the case. More Cami!

Miranda: I need more Cami, too. I understand that right now she's training in the gym, learning to be a vampire, and probably licking her wounds after lying to Klaus about not loving him, but we're going to need her to get back into the game. 

Paul: She's off at vamp school trying to find a way to be less annoying.

Will the Original siblings ever be able to get along?

Kelly: No. Klaus, Elijah, Freya and Rebecca can and do get along but Finn and Kol will never work. I'm already ready for them to die or leave although I would love one scene with all the Mikaelson children.

Miranda: Ugh. No? Maybe? Kol had every right to be angry at Finn. Finn killed him, after all. Cursed him to die a terrible death. Finn didn't deserve to live out his life in a witch's body. If I have to choose one brother to keep it's Kol, if only because we get more Davina. 

Paul: Not a chance in hell.

What do you want to happen in Mystic Falls next week?

Kelly: Nothing. Lucien wanting to become an original vamp is doing nothing for me story wise. I'm not a fan of crossovers between the two shows so hopefully this will be the last for some time.

Miranda: I think Freya will go through with the spell but there's a loophole in it where Lucien will become the foretold Beast who comes to New Orleans.  

Paul: I hope we meet more than just Matt. We need something that will make the crossover worthwhile.

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Here's your first look at The Originals Season 3 Episode 17:

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The Originals Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Klaus: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much am I going to hate this little plan of yours?
Hayley: About an 85.
Klaus: Oh, good.

And you have hit your complaint quota for the day. Congrats, you are officially the worst.

Hayley [to Klaus]