The Flash Round Table: Losing Frost Wasn't Killer

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Killer Frost lost her life on The Flash Season 2 Episode 19 and viewers learned there will be another, more personal, particle accelerator explosion coming up. Those are the main topics on the round table.

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The Flash Round Table 1-27-15

Killer Frost got iced. React!

Allison: It was a waste of a character. I'm glad we got to see the two Caitlins meet, but I wish it didn't end with Killer Frost dying by Hunter's hand. I'm still trying to wrap my head around Hunter actually caring enough about Cailtin to keep Killer Frost a prisoner just so he can look at her and be reminded of Caitlin. It's all weird.

Jay: I’m disappointed. Killer Frost had so much potential, especially the potential to become good. I wouldn’t rather seen Caitlin go and Danielle Panabaker play Killer Frost full-time, instead. Caitlin is getting boring, because she has no story outside of the men on this show.

Jim: I'm with Jay a little bit.. I was hoping that Killer Frost would some how unlock Caitlin's ability so we could some story for her outside being heartbroken over Ronnie or Jay and tagging along with the boys.

Carissa: While I understand the series isn't about doppelgangers, what I don't understand is the need to kill off all of them instead of saving them for a rainy day. They couldn't kill Zoom when the moment arose, but killing off doppelgangers is all the rage. Stinks.

Why do you think Zoom is public enemy #1? What's his worst crime so far?

Allison: Mass terror? That's really all I can think of. We haven't really seen all that he did on Earth-2 other than kidnap some people and kill mostly his minions. On Earth-1, he just taunted The Flash and paraded a defeated Flash around. Oh, I guess Zoom also sent metahumans to Earth-1, and they did some damage.

Jay: Tormenting Barry? I mean, he is a serial killer, but Barry wouldn’t have ever been concerned about him had Zoom not wanted to steal Barry’s speed.

Jim: Story plot and convenience? I can't think of any other reason for zoom to be "public enemy #1 on Earth-1.. Maybe on Earth-2 where everyone lived in fear of him, but on Earth-1, nobody has really heard of him.

Carissa: He humiliated Barry, and there is a story of his reign of terror on Earth-2, but he's really more of a kidnapper who lets his victims go to US. We've certainly encountered worse. I think it's odd that it's all come to this, and we haven't really experienced him at his worst. Only heard tales. It's weird.

How's Caitlin holding up in captivity?

Allison: Pretty well, actually. I don't know what she expects to gain by not eating though. She seems to be doing it out of defiance rather than fear that Hunter poisoned it.

Jay: For such a smart person, Caitlin’s kind of an idiot. The man who kidnapped you “loves” you and kept your doppelgänger to be reminded of you in your absence. The man who “loves” you is a serial killer. Don’t try to play the hero when this man could kill you in seconds.

Jim: Jay and Allison really hit the nail on the head. The person who is keeping you captive "loves" you, so he won't poison you, but he might kill you in a fit of rage... (sigh)

Carissa: She's a lot tougher than I imagined she'd be. But considering she could probably really manipulate the situation, I'd like to see her be a little more crafty. Maybe that's coming.

How did Jesse fit in with the team upon her return?

Allison: She essentially filled Caitlin's spot. I like that she was able to be helpful, and she brought a new dynamic to Team Flash which was fun to watch. I'm not sure if she has (or wants) a permanent spot on Team Flash, though, since she just did Cailtin's job, but who knows, maybe one of her other majors could prove to be helpful.

Jay: I would be down for her to be permanent on the team, if Caitlin got powers and expanded the team in a different way. Allison is right: she sort of filled in for Caitlin, rather than being her own character, at least in my opinion. And how many brainiacs do you really need on one team? Send someone over to Arrow to save them from the mess they’re in.

Jim: I think she did a good job. I would also like to see her join the team.. Though I think the odds of them making her Jessie Quick is pretty slim, at least they mentioned the name. Think about how much fun Barry could have with another speedster on his side.

Carissa: I really like Jesse. She has an ease about her that feels natural. She fits in really well. Once she starts rockin' something, nothing can deter her. I daresay I like her more than Caitlin. 

What are your thoughts on Harry's idea to make a personal particle accelerator explosion for Barry?

Allison: It might work, I guess. I mean you'd have to also have Barry get struck by lightning at the same time. You would think there would be a safer way to give Barry his speed back. Aren't his cells still changed at a molecular level or something like that?

Jay: Did you not learn the first two times? It’s a way to get Barry his speed back, but at what cost? How many more metahumans are going to be created? I’ll say it again, because I really loved Danielle Panabaker as Killer Frost, I hope if something goes wrong with this explosion and creates more metas, I really hope Caitlin because a version of her doppelgänger. He role on the team has been diminished so much this season, she’s really only there to stitch Barry up.

Jim: YES Jay! make more good metas! I would love to see Caitlin AND Jessie both expanded in some way.. one of them needs powers.

Carissa: There is no way it's going to go well. It's the second most stupid idea since Barry gave away his speed. Haven't these people ever heard of two wrongs not making a right? Then again, with all the explosions, there are a lot more than two wrongs. With all the dead metas, we do need a new stock. Especially Killer Cait.

What else did you like or dislike about the episode?

Allison: I didn't really like how the metahuman was treated. He wanted Harry to fix him, and instead of Team Flash trying to find a cure for Grey, they devised a plan that would ensure his demise. There wasn't a plan to arrest Grey. It was all about killing him, which was really dark for Team Flash. I'm surprised no one commented on or had any reservations/objections to this fact.

Jay: I agree. For heroes, what they did to this metahuman wasn’t right. All he wanted was to be saved, because his power was awful and how would anyone else act if their power made them old whenever they used it? They basically killed the man, and it’s really disgusting that no one stood up for him, they were all ok with this plan. I’m not too fond of our “heroes” at the moment.

Jim: I'm with Allison and Jay on the disappointment train in how the team handled this. If using his powers made it worse, couldn't they have convinced him to not use them while they worked on a cure? Seemed a bit dark to me too.

Carissa: I'm so glad you guys noticed this, too. It really bothered me how they treated Griffin Grey. They've never set out to harm metas before, but this poor bastard didn't stand a chance. He was like a bug under a magnifying glass. Watch him burn baby! Just a little longer! Yay! He's dead. What?! He was just a scared kid. Let's fire up another particle accelerator!!

Ready for more? The Flash Season 2 Episode 20 will find Barry consulting his two dads about his decision to get into the personal particle accelerator explosion. The promo makes it look like he's game!

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The Flash Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Well, hello Doppelganger of mine. What do you know. I can still pull off brunette.

Killer Frost

Joe: And without your speed, there's no way any of us can get through that breech Cisco found at the hospital. I just don't think there's anything any of us can do right now.
Harry: That's right. And that's on you, Al.
Joe: Enough. We're all suffering here.
Harry: That's right, Detective. We're all suffering. We've lost Snow, you've lost your speed and now? Ha. Now Zoom can come through that breech any time he wants. And that, Allen, That's on on you!
Iris: Hey, that's on all of us. We made these decisions as a team.
Harry: No, we didn't.