The Flash Round Table: Let's Do the Flash Back Again!

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The round table is discussing Barry's detour back in time on The Flash Season 2 Episode 17 and visiting with Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne, what one thing they wish Barry could have done while back, and what one change could have been affected when he came forward again.

Find out what else TV Fanatics Allison Nichols, Jim Garner, Jay Ruymann and Meg Bonney were chatting about when you join them in the discussion. Share your thoughts in the comments or on social media!

The Flash Round Table 1-27-15

We got to see Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne. What was it like seeing him again?

Allison: I really enjoyed seeing that sinister version of Wells again. I liked the adversarial tension, and the scene where he has Barry in his secret room was amazing. Barry did a surprisingly good job at spinning history/future to Thawne's benefit and making it sound believable. I also liked that Wells/Thawne wasn't an idiot.

Jim: I forgot how much fun sinister Wells was. It was great seeing him again and bravo to Barry for twisting the future just enough to get Thawne to work with him.

Jay: I never liked him, so I could’ve gone without it. I actually prefer Earth-2 Wells. But it was refreshing to see the show (somewhat) go back to its roots.

Meg: I love seeing Thawne again! He is wickedly smart and love that he figured it all out. Old Barry wasn't as sassy and Barry of the present has a definite edge and I think it's because of Thawne/Wells and having them together brings that out in him even more.

If you could have had Barry do any one thing while he was back in time, what would it have been?

Allison: I would have loved to see more of Barry and Eddie. He meant a lot to Barry, and I wish we got to explore their relationship more. It was super sweet that Barry got that video for Iris, but I wanted one last chance to see Barry and Eddie's friendship. Also, just a side question, in the present day, when Iris looks at the video on Barry's phone, when does the phone say that the video was taken? These are the things I think about.

Jim: I wanted him to visit his dad. Getting his dad freed was such a big part of The Flash season 1, that it seems odd that he wasn't even mentioned when he went back in time. Also, Allison, that was an iPhone, so it would have automatically updated the date/time to the server time when Barry arrived back in time. You're not the only one that things about these things, I did too.

Jay: I just wanted him to find a way to save Eddie. I know Eddie was a road block for Iris and Barry, but Eddie was refreshing, and his interactions with Joe were always so awkwardly hilarious.

Meg: I agree. I wanted him to go see his Dad. I really miss the interactions of Barry and his Dad at the prison.

Barry did change the timeline. What are your feelings on that and what one change do you wish he would have made?

Allison: I can't decide how to feel about Hartley not being evil. I honestly don't remember what happened to him in the old timeline. I do like that there was a noticeable change in the timeline though. I wish Barry could have somehow made Ronnie not die. How would that happen? No idea, but it's what I want, damnit.

Jim: I thought Hartley turning out to be an ally was a fun and unexpected twists. The only change I could think of that I would like to have seen would have been to tell Other Barry to telll Patty sooner who he really is. If he can make Hartley a good guy, certainly he could save his relationship with Patty.

Jay: Jim, does Barry even still remember Patty ever existed? I agree, just because I loved Patty Spivot, but Barry forgot about her after one episode. I hope the timeline was changed more than just Hartley being a good guy, but I also don’t, because it’s confusing enough already.

Meg: I wish he could have saved Ronnie. I need more Ronnie! Is it too much to hope that the altered timeline somehow makes that happen?!

What are your thoughts on the Time Wraith?

Allison: It came out of nowhere. I did like that Wells/Thawne was the one to educate us on the world of speedsters since he knows it really well, but the wraith felt a bit more supernatural than we've seen on the show. On Arrow we have magic, but we haven't really explored much outside of metahumans on The Flash. The supernatural element felt a bit out of place, and I kept waiting for Sam and Dean to pop up.

Jim: I agree Allison, I thought either Sam and Dean were going to show up, or Harry Potter. How many Dementor jokes did they make? That being said, I'm kind of glad they are bringing in the mystical.

Jay: I died at the Dementor jokes. But I agree with Allison, it seemed out of place. What was it? My original theory was that it was death, like maybe Eddie’s soul chasing after him because whatever changes he made could’ve stopped the natural cycle from occurring, but nope, it was just a bloodthirsty Dementor.

Meg: Gank that demon! Oh wait, that's Supernatural. It was super odd, but in a good way. What if they are the souls of the people affected by the speedsters changing the timeline? That would be cool.

What was your favorite moment from the episode?

Allison: I loved everyone's reaction to Barry being from the future. It was a lot of fun, and Cisco was freaking out. I just loved going back and interacting with Wells/Thawne and Eddie again. It was a fun experience to see Barry have to slip back into those old dynamics.

Jim: I loved Barry meeting Barry, It was fun to see one of these meetings from the other side where Barry is the one from the future talking to himself in the past.

Jay: I loved Barry taking the video of Eddie for Iris. That was the sweetest thing he could’ve ever done and anyone who doubts that Barry would do anything for his family is completely wrong.

Meg: I loved that even though Barry was warned about changing things, he still did a few things to help his friends. He has so much heart, even if this may end badly. That video was super sweet.

Bonus question: You've seen the Flash vs Zoom trailer and the Hunter Zolomon reveal. Does anyone else wonder why Garrick was ever in play when Zoom/Zolomon is so easy to see?

Allison: Honestly, my head is still spinning on the whole Zoom/Jay thing, and now we've added Hunter Zolomon to the mix. I could have done without the Jay is Zoom fake out. Jay's arc on the show was never all that compelling, and this twist doesn't really help. Jay should've just popped in to say hello, and then gone back to Earth 2, or, you know, never appeared at all.

Jim: Honestly I didn't even question it. I'm sure it won't be as cut and dried as the preview made it out to be. I'm just glad that we are finally getting to the end of this story line.

Jay: I can sum up my reaction in two words: “Wait, what?"

Meg: I am with Jay.

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