The Americans Season 4 Episode 7 Review: Travel Agents

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The Soviets really are "Travel Agents," aren't they?

At least I hope so, for Martha's sake.

Martha brought both the KGB and the Soviets to their knees as she took off for a walk in the park on The Americans Season 4 Episode 7. She was having anything but a good time, though.

Gut Punch - The Americans Season 4 Episode 7

In fact, it was a bit of a gut punch for Martha, both literally and figuratively.

As the KGB and FBI started the hunt for Martha, it came down to who knew her best. Of course, Elizabeth and Philip had been working her. They had a plan. She was a KGB asset. Martha was just a secretary to the FBI.

Falling just after Administrative Assistants' week, let this be a lesson to everyone out there who thinks that way. Nobody in your office is "just" anybody.

Gaad will always wonder now what drove Martha to do what she did. How did his secretary marry a KGB agent right under his nose and he never knew? Was she that unhappy?

It's a brilliant little cautionary tale. Of course, we know Martha didn't set out to do anything. She was shown affection and attention in a very specific way. At least Philip, too, fell into the trap he and Elizabeth set. That's somewhat comforting.

Although, not for Elizabeth. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Allow me to back up, take this a little slower.

Martha being out on the streets, suddenly alone and finding everyone a threat really threw her. The call to her parents really threw me. It was hard to determine whether she was strictly concerned for her safety or contemplating suicide.

Her next stop, to the bridge, was even more worrisome. That's because I'm not always the best TV detective. Thankfully, the FBI had been paying attention. That's where she visited with her parents.

I'm not ruling out that the thought of jumping might have crossed her mind, but at that point, Martha still held out hope for her and Clark. She is extraordinarily good at fooling herself.

When Martha called Clark, his apology about leaving her alone with Gabriel was sincere. He told her to stay where she was, he'd be right there. But Elizabeth had to intercept. Elizabeth has probably never been as vulnerable as she is right now. 

Elizabeth is carefully watching everything happening between Philip and Martha, but she's not necessarily processing what she sees. Since she's still so new to the whole marriage thing herself, she doesn't really understand what is going on between her husband and his other wife.

Honestly, would anyone in any marriage? 

Elizabeth: If you could go back...
Philip: Back? What do you mean, back?
Elizabeth: With Martha. If our kids were grown, and you could just get out of this whole life...
Philip: What are you talking about?
Elizabeth: Would you? Go with her?
Philip: Are you crazy? Martha and I...
Elizabeth: I'd understand.
Philip: It is not like that at, at all.
Elizabeth: It's different, I know. I know.

Elizabeth knows enough to realize there is something Martha has provided to Clark, but she's seeing herself in a negative light instead of trying to understand what it is that Martha might have offered. 

Going home and leaving Philip for one more night with Martha probably made her hair crawl.

Martha and Philip didn't exactly have an ecstatic night together.

Separate - The Americans Season 4 Episode 7

Clinging to that hope she had, Martha tried to just slip in there that he'd eventually be joining her. But Philip was truthful. He won't. He can't. Not even to visit.

Martha: I'll be alone, just the way I was before I met you.
Philip: They'll take good care of you. Treat you with respect and honor. They know your sacrifice, Martha.

That's hardly what any woman wants from her husband. And there's that irony. The very thing that got Martha into a situation from which she cannot escape, her loneliness, is what will leave her more alone than she has ever been in her life.

There are questions. Will Martha will get on that plane? Will it take her somewhere safe? I still don't know the new Soviet woman's name who works with Arkady and Oleg, but she always seems frightening. Her phone call about handling someone with extreme care was off putting.

What's next for Martha? What's next for Philip and Elizabeth? Will Elizabeth be able to easily forget her husband loved another woman? Will Philip be able to easily forget Clark and what he had with Martha?

What are your thoughts?

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Travel Agents Review

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The Americans Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Martha: What's your name?
Philip: Philip.
Martha: The name you were born with?
Philip: Mikhail, but everyone called me Misha.
Martha: Misha.

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Elizabeth: It wasn't your fault.
Philip: I shouldn't have left her alone.
Elizabeth: You didn't leave her alone.
Philip: She doesn't know Gabriel. She knows me.