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Lincoln made the ultimate sacrifice on The 100 Season 3 Episode 9, and it was one of the hardest-hitting deaths we've seen so far on a show that is not shy about killing off beloved characters.

Meanwhile, back in Polis, Ontari rose to power, seizing the Commandership by slaughtering the other Nightblood children in their sleep (harsh!). Unfortunately for Ontari, Clarke took off with the AI/"flame" with the help of Titus, so she's still missing an important piece of the Commandership.

Join TV Fanatics Allison Nichols, Kelly Thompson, Meg Bonney, Paul Dailly, and Yana Grebenyuk as they discuss all of the craziness that went down during "Stealing Fire"!

The 100 Round Table 1-27-15

Ontari is the new Commander (sorta). What does this mean for the show and how do you feel about it?

Allison: I do like Ontari. She's an interesting new foe. I would love to get to know more about her and her Ice Nation beliefs and values – you know, other than death to Skaikru. I'm thinking that she won't last, Heda-wise. Clarke will give Luna the flame and we will have a new Commander.

Kelly: Besides the fact that Ontari killed kids to get this position, I'm liking the development of her character. She is funny and there are definitely some weird vibes between her and Murphy.

I was really hoping we would see a full conclave because of how much they talked about it, so not getting one is disappointing. I agree with Allison that Ontari will eventually die but I don't think it will happen this season. I'm sure it will take Clarke the rest of the season to find Luna.

Meg: I actually really like her as the Commander. She is the complete opposite of Lexa. She is harsh, unreasonable, and just plain horrible. It's going to give everything a twist, which is great. The only annoying part will be that now Pike is kind of right about the Grounders. With Ontari commanding them, the Sky peeps are in danger.

Paul: I didn't like her at first, but she actually seems like a decent character who will be very different from Lexa. I do think Murphy will have some level of pull with her to save the Sky People.

Yana: I have loved the idea of Ontari ever since we first met her. She is what I imagined a Commander to be like, so I can't wait to see how that will play out. Lexa was a Commander that had characteristics specifically meant to make the audience like her before she betrayed Clarke.

But Ontari is following the same rules as Lexa was on her way to becoming the leader, except she isn't meant to appeal to the audience (yet), which only makes me love her more at this point.

Roan and Murphy are both in on Ontari's secret – she's not *technically* the Commander yet, because the flame/AI chip wasn't implanted in her. What do you think about that?

Allison: Once the people learn about this technicality, there will be riots. The flame is how a Commander is chosen. You can't just bypass this religious tradition and get away with it.

To me, this shows that Ontari is just power hungry. She defied tradition by killing the other Nightbloods in their sleep to ensure her victory. If she does end up leading the Grounders, she will do more harm than good.

Kelly: I don't get how this can last long. How is the new Commander's ascension not a public event? Was I wrong to assume that the chip ceremony would require an audience? More explanation about Grounder traditions would be helpful in making this plot make sense.

Meg: Murphy has softened a whole lot but he is still Murphy. I think he will use that info against her. Hopefully, it will be to save the Sky People. Murphy as the savior would be pretty cool to see. Roan is noble even if he refuses to admit it. He will protect her for a little while but he is going to make it right somehow.

Paul: Yeah, there's going to be a lot of rebellion about this, and I think it's going to allow Skaikru to stay in the middle of it all and escape relatively unscathed.

Yana: That wasn't written in if it wasn't meant for something. But I am not sure if the Luna/Ontari plot will find trajectory this season while the ALIE/City of Light plot is picking up speed.

Ontari might take over for now, with most Grounders accepting her without question, but that later might become a problem. Personally, I am not sure why the flame plays a part if this season we saw some of Lexa's followers not supporting her even though she had the flame in her, so that brings up a few questions.

Whose death was more impactful, Lincoln's or Titus'?

Allison: Titus' death means that Clarke really is the Flamekeeper now. She has made herself essential to the Grounder culture. Lincoln's death will hopefully be impactful. I personally can't get over the manner in which he was killed off, and the fact that there was a freaking slow motion shot of his body falling to the ground.

Hopefully, Lincoln's death will inspire a rebellion inside Arkadia. I would love if members of Skaikru were upset as well by his death. It would mean that Lincoln had endeared himself to Arkadia and that Lincoln was right to stay in Arkadia even after he was attacked at the funeral.

Kelly: Tough question. Emotionally, Lincoln's death hit me more because we know and love Lincoln, but Titus' death will be impactful as well. His last words being "For Lexa" killed me. There are many reasons why Titus killed himself, but a huge factor had to be that he will never forgive himself for shooting Lexa.

Lincoln's death was horrible, and it will change Octavia completely. I mentioned this on Twitter, but her face changing from pure pain/sadness to stone cold anger was fantastic. So basically, they were both impactful.

Meg: I will say Lincoln. It's going to change everything in Arkadia. Lincoln may have been a Grounder, but he was living there and everyone knew him. There is no way that people will be okay with this. Octavia is going to lose it. There will be a domino effect of drama from this that will touch all of the characters. 

Paul: Lincoln. We knew it was coming purely due to his casting in another show. It was a horrible way to go, and it showed just how much Pike needs to go.

Yana: For me, it was Lincoln. The Sky People have my heart and even though I knew Lincoln was going to die, it broke my heart. His death was horrifying and the pushback that we will get from Octavia won't be any better.

Frankly, I wish Lincoln had just went into the woods but that wouldn't have lined up with his loyal streak. But I can still dream...

Clarke is finally heading back to her people at Arkadia. Good thing or bad thing?

Allison: GOOD THING! I'm sick of her avoiding her people. She has talked about how she's doing what's best for her people, but she has no idea what has been going on in Arkadia.

I cannot wait to see her react to everything that's been going on, and maybe even dare to think about how this all could have been avoided if she never left. I feel like Clarke still hasn't really processed everything that she had to do at Mount Weather, and she left Arkadia to not have the constant reminder of it (a.k.a., her people).

Kelly: I guess it's a good thing, but she won't be there long, probably. Lincoln's dead so she will need Octavia to find Luna, meaning she will have to leave Arkadia again. I've been much more invested in the Polis storyline this season so more Arkadia is not for me.

Meg: Good thing! I miss her being with her people. It's been long enough. She needs to face them and allow herself to heal. Bellamy and Clarke are better decision-makers when they are together. They have a balance, and that's what Arkadia needs.

Paul: Good thing. She needs to stay there and help get rid of Pike. I think she'll be able to sway some more people to the good side.

Yana: It's a freaking great thing! Clarke belongs with her people and now that her need to be near Lexa for the audience to connect with the wrap-up is done, it's time. Clarke has been talking all about protecting her people but at this point she must have spent more time apart from all of them than together.

And that needs to change, not only because of that but because Clarke is the protagonist. We can only watch Clarke away from the other main characters for so long before fans question what is happening.

Kane and Abby kissed, and it was a hell of a smooch. React!

Allison: The heavens opened up. It was a blessing to us all. Of course it had to be a goodbye (for now) kiss, though. My heart broke at that realization. They need to stay together and be adorable.

Kelly: Loved it. They are the last remaining couple so I hope that they will see each other again so some sort happiness can occur on this show.

Meg: That was the best!  It has been building to that for so long and it was totally worth the wait! They are so delightful to watch together and if you think about how things started with them, they really have come far. I love them!

Paul: I honestly didn't care for it.

Yana: We waited long enough! It's about time, you two!

Grade this episode.

Allison: I think in my review I gave it two stars. I just had a hard time with Lincoln's death scene. I couldn't give it higher than a two because of that.

Kelly: This episode was much better than The 100 Season 3 Episode 8, but this season just isn't as good as The 100 Season 2, which was when the show was at its peak. So my grade is 2.5 stars. I am hopeful that The 100 Season 3 will pull it together and start having 4 and 5 star episodes again.

Meg: I am in the minority here, but I thought it was really good. It amped up the tension and had some crazy drama. The only downside for me was that Bellamy and Indra just sat in a cave. They are great, and I would have liked to see them play a bigger role. I'll say 3.9.

Paul: I'll say three. Taking the action away from Polis in the last episode, then going off on a break ruined the momentum for me. It didn't help that the first half of the episode was slow.

Yana: With the Grounder plot wrapping up slowly and the Arkadia one growing I will give it a 4. By the time Clarke returns to her people, it should be a solid 6+.

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