The 100 Round Table: Facing Your Demons

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RIP Sinclair. And Emerson, too, I guess. Sorta.

The 100 Season 3 Episode 12 saw more death and chaos as the delinquents (plus Sinclair) returned to an abandoned Arkadia, only to be tormented by a masked, vengeful Emerson who captured them all one by one. 

Meanwhile, back in Polis, Murphy was confronted with a shocking development – Emori had taken the ALIE chip and was now in league with Jaha and the AI. Even worse, Ontari was easily swayed to do the same.

Join TV Fanatics Paul Dailly, Kelly Thompson, Allison Nichols, and Meg Bonney as they chat all about it in our weekly round table discussion before the next new episode The 100 Season 3 Episode 13!

The 100 Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of Emerson's return?

Paul: He's never been a good character, so I thought finding out it was him was a bit of a damp squib. The whole "demon" part was great. I would have loved it if this was some new character. It's good that Emerson is finally at peace.

Kelly: I guessed that it was Emerson pretty early on, so the reveal didn't shock me. More than anything, I'm glad we can put him and all that he brings in the past. There is too much going on this season to be concerned about events that have already been completed.

Allison: I'm glad he is gone. Like Paul, I loved the whole horror/demon element of the episode. It was a different feel for an episode.

Meg: It was an eye roll moment for sure, but I am glad we got him out of the way. I didn't really care about his character before this. I would have liked more interaction between him and Bellamy. Maybe fighting Emerson would have helped Bellamy get over his issues a little bit. 

Emori and Ontari are Team ALIE. React!

Paul: I was ecstatic that Emori showed up again, but I was so sure Ontari would find a way to get rid of her. It was a great twist to have Emori already under ALIE's spell. Moreso Ontari, because it paved the way for ALIE to be the commander. This should be fun!

Kelly: Love it! Battling ALIE will be much harder if all of Polis has taken the chip.

Allison: I loved the twist. ALIE is proving to be a powerful force and now that her army is growing, it will be even harder to defeat her. I feel so bad for Murphy though. He just can't catch a break.

Meg: I sort of suspected it when they went to the Flame Keeper room. Emori sounded more like ALIE in that moment. I agree that I thought Ontari would try to kill Emori but this is way better! It's about to get really interesting!

How did you feel about Sinclair's death?

Paul: It was sad. He hasn't been that prominent, but he has been part of the crew since the beginning, so it does suck that the Sky Crew's population is dwindling. That said, it means there's one less character to focus on. This season has a knack for throwing characters to the side for a few weeks.

Kelly: Hate it. I get that this show is about the 100 who are all teenagers but they need an adult with them. Sinclair was a huge asset and his death was heartbreaking. I would like just one episode where a death doesn't happen unless that death is ALIE. Also, the warrior's death scene where they said goodbye to Sinclair and Lincoln was so, so sad.

Allison: I'm not okay with it. When he was begging Raven to stay in the rover, I could not stop crying. Raven is like a daughter to him. Damn it, I'm crying again. Sinclair will be missed.

Meg: That was so heartbreaking! "Stay in the rover, stay in the rover!" That part just killed me. I really liked Sinclair. I am sad to lose him. His relationship with Raven was so special, and I would have liked to see more of that.

What is ALIE's next move?

Paul: She's going to send every single person she can against Clarke and her gang. She needs that AI to ensure that she isn't defeated.

Kelly: Her next move has to be taking the entire Grounder army, right? First Polis, then all 12 clans. With the help of the 12 clans, it will be much easier to find Clarke and get ALIE 2.0.

Allison: Now that she has the Commander under her spell, ALIE is going to work on getting the chip into as many Grounders as she can. After that, I'm not sure what her plan is. All we know about her is that she wants to get as many people into the City of Light as possible, but after that, it's unclear what her next move will be.

Meg: I think the zombie-chip folks are going to march on Clarke, and it will be crazy! I am already stressed!

How do you expect the rest of the season to play out?

Paul: There's going to be more death, but I have a feeling that the City of Light is going to be at full capacity by the end and that Clarke will end up there and have to find a way out.

Kelly: This is all leading to a huge City of Light showdown. Clarke may find Luna this season (still not sure about that) but ultimately, the City of Light will be destroyed this season by Clarke's hand.

Allison: The City of Light is going down. I expect the rest of the season to be focused on the City of Light, finding Luna, and figuring out a way to stop ALIE. It's going to be brutal.

Meg: Insanity! Death! Stress! I think that in order to defeat ALIE, one of them will have to take the chip, go to the City of Light and then be saved (the way they saved Raven) and I hope it's Clarke and Monty. That way, Monty can say goodbye to his mom and Clarke can say goodbye to Lexa.

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