The 100 Round Table: Arkadia Has Fallen

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Abby and Raven were finally corrupted by ALIE and Jaha, and consequently Arkadia fell to the intelligent AI on The 100 Season 3 Episode 10.

Meanwhile, back at Polis, Murphy and Ontari's "relationship" took a strange, troubling turn when he volunteered to help her out with her secret-keeping.

Join TV Fanatics Yana Grebenyuk, Allison Nichols, and Kelly Thompson as they digest the latest installment of The 100!

The 100 Round Table 1-27-15

Why is Murphy helping Ontari cover up the fact that she doesn't have the flame?

Yana: I am not really sure about that. I feel like maybe this is another attempt at surviving, though I don't know what the endgame of this could be. Maybe he thinks he will have some more ''power'' to toss around and that will help him survive in Polis at least? Or maybe they can't exactly tell the story in Polis without a Sky person protagonist there to commit the audience to that plot. Clarke left but Ontari still needs to be relevant in our eyes, so that is where Murphy comes in.

Allison: I think Murphy's playing it smart. He's stuck in Polis with Grounders who have shown that they love to torture him. Murphy saw an opening, and he took it. I also think Murphy is just really good at reading people and situations. He knows what's going on, and he figures out a way to make it work to his advantage.

Kelly: I have no idea, and it's not very interesting. The Polis plot has been my favorite of the season but with Murphy as the sole Sky person in Polis now, it doesn't have the same hold over me anymore. It just makes no sense that no one would push the new Commander to prove she has the flame and her shoving her fingers in one person's eyes wouldn't stop questions.

Murphy and Ontari have sex. Discuss.

Yana: Consent through coercion is not consent.

Allison: I'm with Yana. It was coerced. I could have done without it. I was actually enjoying Murphy and Ontari's weird little relationship, but this coercion definitely changed things for me.

Kelly: Gross.

Bellamy finally came to his senses and turned on Pike, turning him over to the Grounders. How do you feel about the way Pike was deposed, and the group's reaction to Bellamy's act?

Yana: I will never stop getting angry at how the group acted. Bellamy tried to help last week but got drugged and tied down. He offered to help this week but got beaten brutally and then gagged like an animal for a trade. I had no doubt in my mind that Bellamy was going to help but that didn't matter to the people that saw him as a liability.

All the while they are chilling with Bryan like he wasn't working with Pike well before we even met them this season. How does it make sense that Bellamy has to move mountains to get ''redeemed' while others can just promise to do better and are off the hook?

As for Pike, I loved it. He was clueless and I was laughing at how he got the rug pulled out from under him because the signs were all there! Come on Pike, how can you be Chancellor if you don't see someone conspiring against you?

Allison: Bellamy saw a way out of two bad situations – the blockade and his sister and friends being in custody. Bellamy got the job done, and it's definitely the right step towards redemption. I don't think he's completely forgiven, but he deserved more credit than what the group gave him.

Kelly: The group's reaction was completely justified. Bellamy has a lot of work to do to gain their trust and respect back. He was a catalyst to Lincoln's death, and no one should get over that quickly. As for how Pike was deposed, I wasn't a fan. I would have much preferred a bigger death at Octavia's hands than him being dragged off by the Grounders. Will we see his actually true death in the next episode?

Abby was forced to ingest the City of Light chip to save Raven's life. What's going to happen now that Abby is in league with Jaha and ALIE?  What's stage 2 of ALIE's plan?

Yana: Nothing good. Abby's capture is probably meant to push Clarke forward into this plot, focusing on ALIE with the knowledge that she has her mother in her brainwashed plans. Aside from that, I have no clue what's to come with this ALIE plot. It is difficult trying to piece together these complicated sci-fi plots in retrospect when you watch every other week or so when ALIE makes an appearance. This might work better now that the focus is mostly on ALIE, but we will have to wait and see.

Allison: Jaha and ALIE are definitely going to take Arkadia. They've got the numbers, and now Pike is gone. There's going to be a power vacuuming, and Jaha will definitely win as leader over Kane.

Kelly: Why didn't Abby do the old pretend to take the pill but don't actually swallow it trick? She could have just held it under her tongue while saving Raven. Anyways, I agree with Yana, I have no idea where this CoL plot is going. Stage 2, who knows? To conquer the whole world...?

Jasper escaped with Raven, and they ran right into Clarke. How will they help Raven escape ALIE's control?

Yana: The trailer next week included a scalpel and Clarke's flame making appearances so maybe that could work its way into the solution? But then again, Niylah's appearance with that wrist bracelet could combine these two possible solutions into one big revelation? Maybe this will help them figure out as a group how to take down ALIE after they find a way to bring Raven back.

Allison: I'm so glad that Clarke is back in all the Arkadia action, even though, you know, she isn't in Arkadia. I'm not sure how it will help, but I'm excited to have members of the hundred working together again.

Kelly: Again, who knows? The control ALIE has over Raven is strong, so I'm interested to see how this plays out because I can't even make a guess at this point.

There is a lot going on right now, in Polis, Arkadia, and in between. What are your favorite and least favorite storylines?

Yana: I don't know at this point. I think I focus on the characters that I care about more than their plots because this season has had issues with each storyline. Right now I am worried for my Sky People most of all. I am hoping Bellamy and Clarke both stop getting blamed for everything from the clan disagreements to the sun shining, but that might be too hopeful of me.

And out of the Sky People, I don't care about Octavia the most because of the horrible path her characterization has followed. But if I had to choose a specific storyline I could do without, it would be the Polis stuff. The core of the show is Arkadia and the delinquents so with Polis only mattering if you enjoy the Grounders, I find myself at a constant impasse because so far the only Grounder clan I enjoy is the Ice Nation.

Allison: It has varied a lot throughout the season. I enjoyed learning about how the next Commander is chosen (minus Lexa's death, obviously). Least favorite is definitely the Pike storyline and everything that has come out of it. Bellamy's character was dragged through the mud, and Lincoln was shoved aside and then killed.

Kelly: Polis was my favorite storyline but with Clarke no longer being there and the complete utter ridiculousness of Ontari being the fake Commander, it is now my least favorite. Arkadia is interesting enough but with not knowing where the CoL plot is headed, I can't say it's my favorite. Wherever Clarke is is normally my favorite plot, so I'll go with that for now. I also find it a little sad that we can't pick a favorite because no storyline is strong enough. The 100 needs to get it together.

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The 100 Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Ontari: Roan said not to let you out of my sight until he got back.
Murphy: We're on the 50th floor, where am I gonna go?

You're dead to me.

Octavia [to Bellamy]