Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 13 Review: Morning Star

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It was going to be tough topping Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 12 (what's your rewatch count?), but the show hit it out of the park once again with a dynamic spring finale.

Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 13 was filled with heartbreaking, heartwarming, and heart stopping moments, but the biggest moment of all was when Jace jumped to the darkside with daddy Valentine, who finally showed us what a Big Bad he truly is.

Valentine has certainly gathered himself quite the army. That was a huge cargo ship and it was filled to capacity! The shadowhunters better get ready, because there is a major battle looming.

It's a scary thought that Jace is stuck there with his obviously crazy father. He seemed so out of place and uncomfortable. I'm not buying for one minute that he's going to go along with Valentine's plans.

The only reason he jumped into that portal in the first place was to save Clary and the others. Valentine basically gave him an ultimatum. He had no choice, even if he was disillusioning himself with all of his darkside-ish feelings and actions.

Sure, he went a little far with Hodge, but the guy deserved it.

I loved the fight scene between Hodge and Jace. It was a definite step up from other fights we have seen on the show previously. And, while I appreciated the Vader/Skywalker twist with Jace chopping off Hodge's hand, I could have done without the Darth Maul-style seraph blade.

Still, the entire Hodge sequence worked quite well in showing Jace's descent into darkness, and the acting all around was spot on. Dominic Sherwood has come a long way since the show's very rough beginning. His performance this hour was outstanding.

While Jace was chasing after Valentine and the Mortal Cup, Clary and Izzy were working with Simon to locate the Book of the White.

I'm disappointed that Raphael wasn't willing to help them out by letting them see Camille. Everything would have gone so much smoother. But then again, had he granted their wish, we wouldn't have been gifted with that badass Izzy scene.

Izzy busting through that stone wall to save Simon and Clary was the best moment of the hour. Ludicrous? Absolutely! But it was still badass, with triple exclamation points.

Camille had much more depth to her than the last time we saw her. I liked how she maneuvered her way around to getting Simon to sign that writ, and then let it be known she had no idea where the Book of the White was. Clever girl.

It's going to be interesting to see how she fits into the ongoing story, now that the shadowhunter/vamp alliance is pretty much dead (no pun intended.) 

It is a little disappointing, though, that Raphael and Simon are now enemies, or that Raphael sees Simon as an enemy. I thought they were a great team.

Camille disappeared the minute Simon signed the writ, but not before she created some havoc between Magnus and Alec.

I wish that there wasn't so much doubt with those two so early in their relationship. I'm not liking the insecurity and age questioning on Alec's part. I get that this is new for him, getting in touch with his feelings and all, but it's such a downer after that fabulous Malec kiss.

What happened to the honeymoon phase?

But there is a silver lining to the cloud of doom and gloom this hour: Jocelyn was finally broken out of her spell. It was heartwarming to see her and Clary reunite. After everything Clary's been through, a hug from mom is sure to make it all better, at least for a while.

Other Thoughts:

  • I'm loving Magnus' scruff, but, wow, that grew fast.
  • Padme/Anakin moment: Clary telling Simon that Jace is still good.
  • I don't know what's worse, Maryse's problem that her son is gay, or that her gay son is in love with a downworlder. Homophobia and racism. Great combination for one simple person.
  • Did anyone else jump at Camille's surprise rise from the coffin?
  • The camera work and editing this hour was amazing. It truly captured the tension of everything going on. And the music choices, once again, were fantastic.

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Morning Star Review

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