Scorpion Season 2 Episode 22 Review: Hard Knox

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Did they get to keep the million dollars?

On Scorpion Season 2 Episode 22, Team Scorpion is tasked with an off the books mission with one hell of a payday. I'm really, really worried about whatever screening process Team Scorpion has to get cases. Do they even have one? If they do, it needs to be revamped ASAP.

As soon as Cook got to the part where the scepter was delivered to him on the base, red flags went up. It was obvious that this wouldn't actually be a government sanctioned mission, which begs the question of why didn't anyone else pick up on this fact?

Something Dangerous - Scorpion

A team of geniuses should have a better screening process. I understand it's an off the books mission, but I'd like to have maybe a couple people corroborate that this mission is legit before I go steal something from a government facility.

They should have looked into Cook before they took the mission, considering how high risk it was. Of course that wouldn't be good TV, but it would have been the smart thing to do.

It would actually be cool to see Team Scorpion sit down and come up with a list of qualifications or screening process that someone has to get through before they take a case. 

The case itself was fine. It's always amusing to see Team Scorpion attempt to be badasses and take down armed guards with flashlights. My favorite part was definitely the fact that Tim got everyone to take the case by manipulating him. It was such a fun little moment, and it showed how well Tim has gotten to know the team.

Ralph's court case was definitely amusing. It's hard not to be at least slightly entertained by Heywood's antics. The highlight of the preceedings was definitely Ralph's bookmarks.

And on that page, 9/22/2014, the day I first met Walter O'Brien. That's important because it was the day I realized I wasn't alone. He taught me there were others like me who cared about me.


Ralph used important dates in his life as his bookmark, and while I wish the last date was the day he met Team Scorpion and not just Walter, it was an incredibly touching moment. It was a mixture of EQ with IQ, and it brought me to tears.

Walter's apology didn't really feel right to me. It felt like he was ignoring the real reason he snapped at Ralph. Personally, I took it as Walter snapped because Toby was claiming that Linda didn't really like Walter, and then Walter saw how chummy Paige and Tim have gotten. That's just my read of the situation though.

Linda was brought back only to have her, and Walter, realize that she only liked him because he saved her. That's super disappointing.

Linda could have been a way for Walter to try dating a bit more, which yes he did, but he seemed to have just gone off on his own without consulting well anyone. It could have been fun to watch Walter work on figuring out what a "best date" consists of and so forth.

He could have had meetings with some other Team Scorpion members and maybe even Tim asking for tips, or they could have all just jumped in and critiqued his progress.

We didn't gain anything out of Linda's return. If anything, it convinced Paige to take a shot with Tim because she saw Walter with Linda. That's a bit of a reach, but it's the only thing we potentially gained from Linda's return. What did you think of Linda and Walter's dating round two?

As much as I'm loving all the adorable Quintis that's been happening, it seems wayyy too soon for a proposal. I mean seriously, how long have they actually been dating? We don't even really get to watch them date. All we see is an occasional cute moment. 

One could thing that could have happened with Linda was a double date! That would have been hilarious because we would have gotten to see Walter on a date, Toby and Happy reacting to Walter's behavior on a date, and Walter reacting to Quintis. Imagine what we could have had. Isn't it glorious?

Maybe this will all be a fake out and Toby's just getting her just a present that happens to be a ring, but somehow I doubt it. What are your thoughts on a potential Quintis proposal?

What did you think of the episode? Leave your thoughts in a comment below.

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Hard Knox Review

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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

Walter: She's very much EQ for my IQ, if you know what I'm saying.
Toby: I do and gross.

You took her to see the corpse flower?