Quantico Season 1 Episode 16 Review: Clue

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Simon named the terrorist The Voice, and now all I can think about is Blake Shelton and Adam Levine being behind it all.

On Quantico Season 1 Episode 16, Hannah managed to get herself suspended and that, for some reason, led to her leaving Simon and Alex's secret task force.

Okay, just because she is no longer active FBI doesn't mean she couldn't be useful. Simon's not FBI, and he's helping.

It was disappointing having Hannah as a team member for a day. What was the point in including her at all, then? Honestly all it did was lead to some Alex and Ryan tension, which we definitely didn't need.

I would have preferred that Hannah never join Alex's cause at all if she was going to be gone this quickly. On the bright side, she didn't die.

Not that I would know what to do in that situation, but Hannah's actions never quite made sense. Exhibit A: She spoke to The Voice.

You would think that the last thing you would want to do is let your enemy know you have more people joining the operation in taking him/her down. Also, angering a terrorist doesn't sound like a smart plan, but Hannah did it anyway. 

Did she hope The Voice would be shocked by her authoritative voice and make a mistake? There isn't a clear reason why Hannah did that, and then firing a gun in the air at the theater made just about as much sense.

Okay, so they think that The Voice is going to use heat vision or something to track Senator Haas and her elevated body temperature. This could mean The Voice has a sniper riffle pointed at the Senator's general location, so what did firing off a gun do?

It caused a distraction, but odds are the terrorist isn't playing attention to anything other than the heat signatures. Plus, how did Hannah think she would get away with doing that?

Hannah, I love you, but I just don't understand what you did.

Also, I'm so glad that Simon figured out that it might not have been an assassination. I was thinking that the entire time. I get it though. In the moment, assassination makes sense, and you don't really have time to sit and run through other potential scenarios.

You have to act. Thankfully, Simon didn't stop digging because now we have a clue as to what The Voice is after. 

Robocop was a dead cop who turned into a robot. Not a happy story.


WE GOT AN ANSWER ON MARK RAYMOND! Hurray!! None of this would have been possible without the help of Will. Bless you, child. Mark Raymond has been one of the longest running secrets, and now we know why Caleb created this alter ego...maybe.

The maybe is there because of Caleb's phone call with his dad. It's doubtful that Clayton wants to help Caleb rescue his friend. He probably would advise Caleb to stay as far away from Systemics as possible.

I'm not sure if this means that Caleb lied to Will about his rescue mission, or maybe Caleb got his dad on board because in the process of rescuing his friend, Caleb will get intel that could dismantle Systemics. Do you think Caleb was honest about the rescue mission, or is he still hiding something?

Will finally came clean about his creepy sock drawer. He uses it as a way to keep track who he understands and got to know. Okay, couldn't he have just kept a mental tally? He did this in the creepiest, sketchiest way possible. It was all done for hype so that we, the viewers, would immediately be suspicious of Will. 

I could do without moments like these because it feels like a let down when the truth is something that innocent. Keep a journal or something, Will. It's not as creepy and you can still keep it under your socks, if you want.

The trainees' test of the week was to learn that sometimes there are lose lose situations. I feel like this lesson could have been taught a different way.

I'm with Alex, it was cruel to have the trainees run this drill over and over again. I'm not saying that the lesson isn't an important one because sometimes the bad guys do win, but I wasn't a fan of the exercise.

One thing I did enjoy about the test was the teamwork aspect. The NATs really had to work together, and Alex was forced to accept her role as unofficial team leader and morale booster. I love watching all these trainees bond and team up to get the job done. It highlights their friendships, or it forces them to work past their issues.

This is a huge part of who I am, and it's all been a lie, every last word. My parents made me do that. And why? Because they wanted to get away from me? They left me behind. Who leaves their teenage daughter without saying a word, and what could I have done that so bad?


Shelby's scene with Alex was probably my favorite of the hour. It showcased their friendship. Shelby trusted Alex enough to be completely vulnerable with her and just absolutely break down.

It was heartbreaking to see that Shelby thinks she did something that caused her parents to leave her behind. Hopefully Shelby will take Alex's advice and start digging into her parents' "death."

What did you think of the episode? Is Ryan a good choice for Quantico counselor? Leave your thoughts and conspiracy theories in a comment below.

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Clue Review

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