Madam Secretary Season 2 Episode 21 Review: Connection Lost

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They certainly upped the drama in the last few minutes, didn't they?

Elizabeth and Henry's marital issues continued to take center stage on Madam Secretary Season 2 Episode 21. It's been a struggle watching their relationship become so rocky this season. 

Let's get right down to it and discuss "Connection Lost."

A Surprise Move - Madam Secretary

I was surprised to learn Elizabeth and Henry had never been to couples therapy. It seems like, with the jobs they do hold, they would need a little guidance in their relationship. I wasn't shocked to hear Henry say they didn't need therapy – of course he didn't.

Henry, of all people, is the one who needs therapy the most. His constant anger, and guilt, is making life at the McCord household difficult. It seems as though Henry viewed therapy as showing he's somehow weak when it really showed how strong he was by talking about how he was feeling. 

It was interesting listening to Henry and Elizabeth's therapy session while also flashing back to their home life. It showed not only how much stress this couple has, but how their jobs are truly messing with their home life. 

I liked the idea of Henry and Elizabeth disconnecting from their work life when they are at home. It was comical how Henry and Elizabeth's roles were reversed when they left therapy. The only way for this couple to get their relationship on track is by letting go of their work. 

Thank goodness Henry confessed he lied to Elizabeth to get out of the banquet. At least the drinks with Jose made me like him marginally more. I found myself actually agreeing with his philosophy when it came to not being able to save everyone. 

Henry needs to learn how to cope with the guilt he's feeling about Dmitri and the anger he has over everything else. He really should take Jose's philosophy to heart.

Moving on to the whole Jibral Disah case. Who else was thrilled President Dalton finally put his foot down about capturing Disah? It really seemed like they were taking their sweet time when it came to putting together an operation. 

I know, I know, it takes time to set up operations, but come on, it has taken forever. They put together this task force with Jane, Henry and Jose, but they are just now putting plans in motion to take down Disah. 

I was confused about why they would send their entire task force to Pakistan. Why would they risk their entire team? 

I also didn't understand how President Dalton could be so shocked to learn Disah was planning an attack on Pakistan. The man is a terrorist for goodness sakes! The chances of him planning an attack, even on the country protecting him, was pretty good. 

Of course the moment everything hit the fan in Pakistan, and Disah's cell phone being tracked, I knew something terrible was going to happen. 

Would they really kill Henry off? Probably not, but it seems like this season has been leading up to something major happening. It also doesn't help that Henry has put his life in danger quite a few times.

Henry's death could easily change the entire direction of the show. Elizabeth would be working as Secretary of State while also trying to mourn her husband who was trying to protect his country. It would also been fascinating to see how the kids dealt with Henry's death.

On the other hand, keeping Henry alive after everything he's been through could makes things interesting. Henry is finally seeing what happens when you makes choices based on emotions instead of thinking things through. 

Now it's your turn to tell me what you think! Do you think Henry needs to stop putting himself in danger? Are you happy President Dalton is finally getting things done when it comes to Disah?

You still have time to catch up before the season finale! Go watch Madam Secretary online now via TV Fanatic. Just make sure to come back to let us know what you think.

Connection Lost Review

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