Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 20 Review: Down the Rabbit Hole

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Serial killer Thomas Wilder came out of hiding to add to his body count and taunt Danny on Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 20.

This time he did so by making things personal for the entire Reagan family.

Things Get Personal - Blue Bloods

Wilder was up to 22 victims as nine more were found on Long Island and FBI Behavioral Analyst Adam Parker wasn’t wrong when he pointed out that Wilder wasn’t the only one walking close to the edge. 

What annoyed me the most about Danny was how dismissive he was about Parker’s advice. Why does Danny always think he has all the answers? Getting inside a killer’s head to figure out his next move sounds far more effective than taunting him until he targets your own family. 

I couldn’t believe that Danny wouldn’t have a protection detail already on his wife and kids or that he didn’t send patrol cars there when he thought Wilder was going after them. I know it made for better dramatic effect but the drive out to Staten Island is not quick, even with lights and sirens. 

Frank was furious when the FBI released one victim’s name to the press but how was no one except Parker upset when Danny called the killer names on the front page of the Daily News? 

The case led to the entire family talking serial killers over Sunday dinner until the topic was changed to Nicky’s new boyfriend. it was one of the first times I really did feel for Nicky. She’s 19! She’s supposed to be dating and it was nice that at least Frank was willing to cut her a break in this Blue Bloods quote

You know, my granddaughter's growing up. She's almost an adult so I'm just gonna butt out.


But the look on Erin’s face said that she wasn’t happy that Frank was taking this opportunity not to offer his advice. 

I found it interesting when Frank shared that his wife almost didn’t marry him because she feared becoming a widow because of his dangerous job. Talk about irony. In the end, she died of cancer, leaving Frank behind. 

As for Nicky, it appeared that just being a part of the Reagan family was dangerous enough. 

The ending of Thomas Wilder felt anti-climatic. That he chose not to kill Nicky after murdering all of those women felt contrived, not that I wanted to see Nicky dead.

Yes, he taunted Danny until the end but why not keep running and killing? I know Parker touched on this a bit earlier but I wish they would have explained it in more depth because this ending felt more forced than satisfying. 

Despite the way it ended, Wilder's cat and mouse with Danny was still powerful enough to completely overshadow Erin’s uncovering a mobster’s past for the Irish Commissioner. I wish they would have saved that storyline for another episode when they could have given it more time.

Will the effects of Thomas Wilder be forgotten or will they continue to be felt throughout the Reagan family, especially by Danny, Nicky, and Erin? I hope the after effects aren’t dropped for any of them. I can’t imagine Nicky not being traumatized by this incident and even super cop Danny Reagan must have his breaking point. Will the memory of Thomas Wilder be it?

Check back next week for our review of Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 20 and if you can’t wait for more of the Reagan family, you can watch Blue Bloods online here at TV Fanatic. 

Down the Rabbit Hole Review

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Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 20 Quotes

It's not an order it's a valuable suggestion or I could suggest it right over your head.


You know, my granddaughter's growing up. She's almost an adult so I'm just gonna butt out.