Aquarius Season 2: Return Date Set with 2-Hour Commercial-Free Premiere

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If you've been waiting for more David Duchovny on the small screen, your time has come.

NBC announced today Aquarius Season 2 will premiere on June 16 at 9/8c.

That's one hour earlier than its regular 10 p.m. time slot because it will be a two-hour premiere.

Hodiak Needs Help - Aquarius

The kicker? In an unprecedented move on network television, the two hours will be delivered commercial free. The only break during the 120 minute telecast will be for a 55 second news break during the second hour.

NBC likes taking chances with Aquarius, though.

If you recall, just after the premiere in 2015, the entire series was available online and on demand for four weeks while episodes continued airing concurrently in the standard week-by-week format. 

That surge of online viewing created a great demand for the show, earning Aquarius an early second season renewal. Maybe this new marketing effort will also appeal to both new and continuing fans of the show.

Take note, if you think you'll get the same viewing experience the next day online, you're wrong.

The NBC telecast on June 16 will be the only chance to watch the episodes completely commercial free.

When those episodes move to their online and digital platforms following the NBC telecast, a normal commercial load will ensue.

The hunt for Charles Manson will then resume at its regular time and format on June 23.

If you missed any of the first season, you can watch Aquarius online to get caught up. 

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This is your moment. You dive into your own beautiful future, or fall right back into mommy and daddy.


Shafe: You've got to read him his rights.
Hodiak: What?
Shafe: That new, uh, that Miranda thing.
Hodiak: Miranda? Who?
Shafe: Hey, you gotta it.
Hodiak: You, dirtbag, have the right to, but you don't deserve, or I'll kick your teeth in. How's that?
Shafe: Seriously?
Hodiak: I can't remember it exactly.
Shafe: You know it?
Hodiak: Do you?
Shafe: I got the, uh, card that they handed out.