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It's just a glimpse, but on Colony Season 1 Episode 9, you get your first look at one of the hosts.

As if that's not enough to get you to click below, there's more!

Will and Katie were both going about their business, but one of them wanted out. Of the life, of the city. Everything.

Will asked Katie to leave, but she wouldn't have it. They finally had the argument that was bubbling up all season.

Instead of leaving the city with his family, Will said goodbye to his friend. 

Katie and her new team made an attempt to kidnap the visiting host.

To find out whether they were successful, all you need to do is watch Colony online via TV Fanatic!

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Colony Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Katie: Seems simple enough.
Broussard: It's not. This isn't about making a split second decision to save your husband's life. It's about being able to walk up to a complete stranger and kill them. That's why you need to put your emotions aside.

Nolan: But Alan, as far as I know, everyone up here is fully behind you.
Snyder: With daggars in hand.