The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 13 Review: The Same Boat

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Maggie and Carol managed to escape their captors on The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 13, but I’m not so sure they are out of the woods yet.

At least, I’m still concerned about Carol making it out of The Walking Dead Season 6 alive.

Especially with the heavy amount of focus on her character on “The Same Boat,” and the continued inner conflict over killing, I’ve got a nagging feeling. We’ve all seen what happens on this series when characters start getting more screen time toward the end of the season.

Fingers crossed I’m wrong.

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There was definitely some solid tension throughout the hour involving Maggie and Carol’s fates, even if things felt a bit dragged out during the middle. I can’t say that I thought this was going to be the episode where they might get killed, but it was about where they were going to go, whether that be taken to Negan or getting rescued.

They didn't quite go anywhere besides the safe house to hang out the entire time, but this particular group of Saviors got a chance to show some personality and not just be a part of Rick and company’s bloodbath.

The two most interesting characters of the particular Saviors group felt sort of like doppelgangers to Carol and Maggie.

We got to learn about the one girl who had lost her child as she tried to interrogate Maggie. It definitely made her more human, and far less of a cartoon like the older woman who liked to smoke.

But it was the lead captor, Paula, who provided the most insight on her transformation into the new world and perhaps what Carol could become. And we saw Carol hit double-digits by the end.

Paula seemed extremely hardened by her experiences, and she was adamant that she was nothing like Carol.

Though it was interesting to see even in the dangerous circumstances, Carol was still trying to hold back from killing. She even seemed to call back on her faith, too.

Yet, when you mess with Maggie and try and hurt the baby, all bets are off.

And you could see that even when Carol pulled off that one head shot, she was certain by her actions even if you could tell there was a reluctance behind it as well.

Even in killing the group by burning them alive affected her. She knew what she had to do, but it also rattled her cage.

There was great relief in her getting to see Daryl, and it was another fantastic reunion between those two. I loved how she admitted that she wasn’t OK.

I haven’t seen these two together in a while, so it was good moment, and kudos to Melissa McBride who has continued to make Carol an engaging character and one that has been a fantastic part of this series. I truly hope this isn’t the end for her.

But clearly, the Negan battle is just heating up, and Rick isn’t interested in chatting with this mysterious character.

Did you see the way he just blew away the one guy who claimed he was Negan? We all know that wasn’t actually Negan the same way that the other Saviors claimed they were all Negan.

The slaughter by Rick and company has been major, and the retaliation is going to be even bigger. There's going to be some consequences and more characters lost soon enough.

What did you think of the episode? Which character do you think will die next? Sound off below, and catch all the zombie-action when you watch The Walking Dead online now.

NOTE: The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 14 airs March 20 at 9 p.m.

The Same Boat Review

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