The Originals Season 3 Episode 15 Review: An Old Friend Calls

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After The Originals Season 3 Episode 15, I'm proposing a name change for the next act of Season 3.

"The many enemies of Klaus Mikaelson."

When you've lived as long as this guy, you're bound to have made some people pretty cranky, but maybe he should've taken a page out of Kol's advice guide and left fewer survivors. Particularly since leaving Aurora alive is going to cost our paranoid hybrid dearly.

Cami in Training - The Originals

Klaus might be telling himself that he left Aurora alive to make her pay for what she did to Cami, but we all know that's a cop out and so does his therapist-turned-lover-turned-vampire. 

He left Aurora alive because he couldn't physically bring himself to kill her. Having had numerous opportunities, that's just a fact. He can't do it and his impotence is evident in the string of enemies he's left across the world.

What is it with Klaus not being able to kill people when it counts?

Sure, sure, he sliced Cortez' head off with one slap across the face, but come on. That should've happened years ago, right?

What's the running theory on why so many of Klaus' enemies are still alive? Did Mikael come along at just the right time and force he and his siblings to go on the run at the exact moment he was about to behead someone? 

Also, hi, hello. Klaus Mikaelson. You're still an original even if you have enemies swarming your city. And guess what? Your enemies are not invincible! Assemble an army bigger than them, find a way to earn their loyalty and you're good. 

But that wouldn't make for a great story where Klaus and Hayley run away together and take Hope along with them, now would it?

I do have to admit, I sort of like their little family unit heading out for the great wide somewhere together, and I know the Klayley fans out there agree. Will these two return to New Orleans an item? Or will Klaus hold out hope that Cami's still pining away?

Personally, as much as I love Klamille, I was really proud of the way she took the time to acknowledge that being in a relationship with Klaus, particularly while she's hurt over the fact that he didn't kill Aurora, thus leaving her vulnerable for the inevitable day when Crazypants returns, isn't a good idea.

Cami has come into her own as a vampire and figured out what this life will look like now that she has to live it, but that doesn't mean Klaus gets an automatic spot by her side. He has to earn that, too.

(Again, his problems are solved if he just kills his enemies.)

I don't know. I don't think this is the end for Klaus and Cami. They just need time. That's acceptable to me. Tension keeps us invested. 

If, in the meantime, Cami and Vincent want to hook up, I'm totally okay with that. Camcent? Vimi? What would we call them?

We need another couple steaming up the screen like Kol and Davina! 

I'm pulling for things to work out for these two, not only so we can keep Kol around but also because I'd kind of like it if Davina could have a smidge of happiness in her life. She's had a rocky 18 years or so, to say the least, so it's time for a little bit of normalcy.

As normal as it gets when you're sleeping with a vampire brought back from the dead, TWICE, and your best friends are also vampires and you're a witch in a town filled with supernatural beings. 

Maybe Freya can come up with some kind of spell to dampen his more bloodthirsty nature. Or maybe someone can teach him the art of eat-and-erase since that doesn't seem to be his standard operating procedure.

Kol needs a sober coach and fast. Like Finn, perhaps?

Oh yes, Finn Mikaelson is back in town! Was he resurrected by the power of Davina's spell too? Or did Freya also draw on the whatever-she-called-it power surge that allowed Davina to resurrect Kol in order to bring Finn back? And is Finn a vampire or a human/witch?

What is even going on!?

Can we please get Claire Holt to return so ALL the siblings can be together again? Pretty please?!

The most heartbreaking moments of the night go, of course, to Hayley and Elijah. 

Ugh, Haylijah. Y'all. 

What terrible, horrible positions they're both in! She has to know that even up until the moment he died, her husband knew she loved another man and being with that other man now that her husband is dead feels like a slap in the face to Jackson's memory. 

Meanwhile, Elijah has tried and tried to stop loving Hayley, to let her go, and it just doesn't work. (It might have worked if Klaus hadn't killed Gia...)

After confessing his love, Elijah kills the rest of those responsible for torturing and murdering Jackson and then puts her in a car with Klaus and sends her off, both so she can heal and so they can be physically separated. 

Talk about your star-crossed lovers! 

So now the question is, when The Originals Season 3 Episode 16 airs, will we have a time jump to catch up to the events of The Vampire Diaries Season 7? Or will these shows' storylines diverge permanently? 

I have no idea, but I can't wait to find out.

What did you think of "An Old Friend Calls"? Are you sad Klaus and Cami aren't getting together right now? Will Kol be able to control his bloodlust? HOW DID FINN RETURN!? Sound off below and don't forget to watch The Originals online!

An Old Friend Calls Review

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Davina: Kol, I’ve heard the stories. When you were a vampire, you were…
Kol: A psychotic maniac. But I didn’t have you

Freya: It’s only been a couple of days since the sire link was broken. Must you fall into crippling paranoia already?
Elijah: That’s a default setting.