The Originals Round Table: No More Sire Lines For Klaus?!?

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That was quite a wild ride. 

On The Originals Season 3 Episode 14, Stefan helped Freya get rid of some of New Orleans' most annoying villains and it led to one of the best episodes of the series. 

Below, TV Fanatics Miranda Wicker, Paul Dailly and Amanda Steinmetz discuss Kol's return, Klaus' sire line drama and whether another crossover should happen.

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Are you happy that Aya, Aurora and Tristan are gone?

Miranda: YESSSS! Yes. Hayley running Aya through was perfection. I love that she got it done. I'm slightly peeved that Aurora and Tristan are both not dead but not around because that means they can be dragged back out in the future and that's just irksome. 

Paul: I actually enjoyed Aurora as a villain. She was hilarious, but the other two were horrible.

Amanda: Without any hesitation, yes! Tristan and Aya were far more annoying to me than Aurora, but she was starting to irritate me. Miranda is right, Aya was the only one to "die". There's always the possibility Tristan and Aurora can return.

How did you feel about the return of Kol?

Miranda: I've been waiting for this. I'm still waiting to fall in love with Nate as Human Kol in the same way I did with Daniel Sharman as Human Kol, but I'm excited that he's back. Freya needs a fellow witch to help shoulder the Mikaelson family burden. 

Paul: I'm so glad, but he's wasted on Davina. All she does is whine about how everyone is plotting against her. 

Amanda: I'm excited to see another sibling return to the fold. While it's nice that Davina has her boyfriend back, I'm more curious to see how Kol will fit in (or not) with the rest of the Mikaelsons.

How will Klaus' being broken from his sire line play out?

Miranda: I think this is going to have a serious effect on him beyond just losing the power from the lines being severed. I suspect that what we're going to learn is that the sire lines are part of what makes the Originals so powerful and without that link to his sires, he's not as strong. What I wonder is whether it severs the link for any and all future vampires Klaus may sire or only for those who were already sired. 

Paul: He's going to feel a serious loss of power. Remember when he was trying to make an army of hybrids? He needs to have power over people, so it's going to be strange for him to get accustomed to not having it.

Amanda: My thoughts are very similar to Miranda's. We still don't know what long-lasting effects the broken sire line will have, but now Klaus is more vulnerable than ever. His enemies will come from all over now that he's not linked to other vampires anymore.

Where was Cami?

Miranda: In the gym with Marcel's guys training. 

Paul: Playing with the dark objects.

Amanda: Off someone training or compelling frat boys in bars to leave women alone.

Will Davina ever trust Marcel again?

Miranda: Not for a long time, unless something goes wrong with this spell she did to bring Kol back and she turns to Marcel for comfort because his "getting what we want comes at a great price" speech comes true for her. He might have betrayed her, but he really was just looking out for her, you know?

Paul: I honestly don't care. It's time for Davina to leave town. She used to be my favorite character, but she's done way too many questionable things for me to care about her anymore.

Amanda: Marcel will always look after her like a big brother. She may be mad for a while, but she'll need his help at some point and come around.

Should The Originals and The Vampire Diaries stage another crossover in the future?

Miranda: YES! This two-hour event was some of the best storytelling we've seen in a while, particularly on The Originals. TVD has had to reinvent itself this year and has done surprisingly well so far, but The Originals needed a little more life and this crossover gave it that and then some. 

Paul: Yeah, it was exciting getting to see these worlds collide, but next time let most of the action take place in Mystic Falls. 

Amanda: I agree! I love seeing characters from both shows interact, and makes me think back at some of the fantastic early episodes of The Vampire Diaries. Remember when Klaus was the villain!? Feels like ages ago.

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The Originals Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Stefan: So, um, full disclosure. I dated your sister once.
Freya: Well, that seems like a great story.

Aurora: Tristan, if I have to burn the world to drain the oceans, I will find you.
Tristan: Of this I have no doubt.