The Flash Season 2 Episode 17 Review: Flash Back

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Barry doesn't always make the best decisions.

And despite the probability he would do it right, Barry wanted to go back in time on The Flash Season 2 Episode 17 to get the speed equation he needed to become enough to catch Zoom.

Lo and behold, Barry went back in time, managed to screw up quite a few things, but also got a fair amount right.

So many right, in fact, that he'll likely be a match for Zoom sooner rather than later. We can put this one in the win column.

Even though Barry went back in time and saw people who were really missed, seeing them again didn't have quite the hoped for effect. 

Eddie (sob) was only used for a very short moment, and most of that came later, by way of a video message to Iris, telling her how much he wanted her to be happy forever. See, she's having trouble moving on with Scott the editor who we really don't give to stones about as of yet.

Honestly, Eddie's speech would have been a lot more moving if I was rooting for Iris to be with someone in particular. As is stands, I didn't even know she was struggling until she talked about it. So...other than the fact it was Eddie (sob) and seeing him itself was effective, it was ineffective.

Make sense?

Then there was seeing Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne, who I took to calling WT in my recap. I forgot how difficult it was to classify him after he was identified as Eobard. That's one thing about the character I really don't miss. Calling out Harry by his name and no other is a really nice touch.

Anyway. WT was immediately suspicious of Barry, of course. Barry was immediately acting suspicious. His sudden interest in (and knowledge of) equations was a giveaway, as was his general demeanor. He was being shifty, just like con men in old time movies.

So we didn't get any good speeches from WT, and did get a whole lot of whispering. I hate to point this out, because once you recognize it, it's agonizing to watch. There is far too much whispering on TV. I can only guess it's due to the inability to properly regulate sound, but nobody talks like these people.

They always sound like they're in church, but we hear them just fine, because the mics pic up everything. So I've taken to talking to myself as if I'm on TV, just to see if anyone notices. Not so far!

I loved the Time Wraith, even if he was overall pointless. Cisco's reference to The Frighteners was worth having the Time Wraith (I don't know why I feel the need to capitalize Time Wraith) on the show. 

Hartley Rathaway was a lot of fun the first time he was around, and had a bunch of worthy one-liners. While those weren't in abundance here, he survived thanks to Barry's time meddling, and maybe he'll deliver some other time. Although, didn't his non-evil side seem a little...boring? Too nice?

Before that, though, back when he was still evil, he was Rick Rolled, which was my favorite part of the episode BY FAR. Because...Rick Rolled. Who else had forgotten all about that? Then I had to go over to YouTube and watch Rick Astley, the man with the oddest voice/body/dance move combination ever. What a hoot.

Before Barry made his way back to our time, he needed past Barry to Supergirl him back to into the Speed Force. That was the only hint of his visit to any of us who happened see him in National City, a sort of repeat trick.

Did anyone notice Harry mentioned his wife after Barry returned? Harry did say the only person who would recognize the changes he will have made in the timeline would be Barry. It didn't seem like Barry noticed that, but he's often oblivious, it seems. 

Overall it was an entertaining episode, as they always are, but there wasn't much to dig into. Even so, I'd rather watch an hour of The Flash for entertainment or DC's Legends of Tomorrow for a good time over the dour and sullen Arrow any day. 

What did you think? Did I miss anything that changed or was featured in the flashback? List them in the comments. Don't forget you can watch The Flash online right here whenever you want!

Flash Back Review

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