The Flash Round Table: The Many Faces of Jay Garrick

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King Shark returned on The Flash Season 2 Episode 15 and so we're having our own Shark Week discussion here on the round table, as well as tossing in a couple questions about Wally's jealousy of Barry and Jay Garrick, the man of many faces!

Join TV Fanatics Hank Otero, Allison Nichols, Whitney Evans and Carissa Pavlica as they break it all down. Be a part of The Flash Round Table discussion when you share your own thoughts in the comments! Join us!

The Flash Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of the return of King Shark?

Hank: I'm not sure we needed to see King Shark again so soon. While he looks amazing visual effects-wise, the character is just too damn cheesy for my taste. I'm not a fan. That said, he did manage to scare the crap out of me when he tore through the roof at the West home.

Allison: I enjoyed Diggle's reaction to King Shark the best. Other than that, his presence wasn't all that entertaining. Like Hank said, I didn't think we needed to see him again that soon.

Whitney: King Shark is just so outrageous, you can't take it seriously. It was entertaining the first time around because it was so bizarre, but I was not feeling him this time.

Carissa: Interesting. I liked him better this time because I was expecting cheese, and it delivered. The first time I was expecting something more similar to Gorilla Grodd, but I don't think you can do shark like you can gorillas. This guy was a hoot, and the play about him even better.

Which shark reference did you most enjoy?

Hank: I think Joe saying, "I don't suppose my home owners insurance covers a Sharknado attack" got the loudest giggle out of me.

Allison: Joe's line was definitely the funniest to me. I also liked the weirdness of "We're going to need a bigger Flash."

Whitney: Joe's line was the best. I laughed out loud for sure.

Carissa: I'm with Hank. That entire exchange cracked me up!

Joe: I don't suppose my homeowners insurance covers a Sharknado attack.
Wally: I don't understand you people. Jaws busts through your house like the Kool-Aid man, The Flash shows up and y'all just act like it's no big deal.
Iris: We've had a lot of weird things happen in Central City over the past two years.
Wally: Weirder than a talking shark wearing pants.

Which franchise is your preference? Sharknado or Jaws?

Hank: That's easy... Jaws (at least the first few). I honestly could not sit through the original Sharknado. I am a huge Syfy channel fan, but those movies are not for me.

Allison: I haven't seen either. I'm going to go with Jaws because the premise of Sharknado is too eye roll worthy for me.

Whitney: I've never seen either film. I've been meaning to watch Jaws for years though LOL.

Carissa: I feel like a road trip to Allison's house is in order. We have some binge watching to do. I've seen the original Jaws so many times. I even read the book (snuck my dad's copy). Saw the re-release last year in theaters! Sharknado? Very King Shark cheese. I love cheese. BOTH FTW!!!

What did you think about Wally's jealousy of Barry?

Hank: I'm sure I sound like a broken record. I wanted to love Wally so badly, but he's been written as such a negative kid. I am not sure if it's the actor or the guy's attitude, but he just rubs me the wrong way. I would not mind if he moved away or got killed off. I understand the drama he brings to the show, but I'm just tired of his arc.

Allison: His jealousy made sense. Barry is the golden child, and every time Wally hangs out with Iris or Joe, Barry gets brought up. That being said, I didn't really enjoy the storyline. It didn't help that Barry was rude due to his Earth 2 drama. If we can fast forward to Barry and Wally being nice and civil that would be great.

Whitney: I'd probably be jealous if I was Wally, too. Joe and Iris basically idolize Barry and that's got to be hard for Wally. Like Allison said, though, I'm ready to see them get along. Barry is a good guy at heart and hopefully it won't take Wally too long to see that for himself.

Carissa: It would have made more sense if Wally was younger, as it was a story to play out for 12-13 year old kids. But at least it allowed for some explanation of Barry's existence in Joe's world, which was needed. I'm not sure why it took so long, honestly.

What was your reaction when Harry told Barry and Cisco to keep quiet about what happened on Earth-2?

Hank: It made sense to me, but at the same time keeping things like that bottled up is never a good way to go. Harry might be able to move on, but that is just not Barry nor Cisco. I was glad both came clean in the end. Enough with the secrets already.

Allison: I understood where Harry was coming from. It doesn't help anyone to know what went on in Earth 2. Like Hank, I was glad that Barry and Cisco came clean. Secrets don't help anyone. Plus, I loved how Caitlin teased Cisco about it.

Whitney: I agree with everyone here, as it made sense, but Barry and Cisco aren't Harry. They would never be able to hide all that happened from the people they love.

Carissa: I thought it would end badly, especially because Harry suggested it. Guy cannot catch a break. But, I'm glad for how it all worked out in the end.

Zoom has the face of the man we called Jay Garrick. React!

Hank: Really? Another frakkin' Jay? That was my initial reaction. How terribly disappointing, when there were so many cool fan theories out there. I'm sure the writers will come up with an interesting twin (or Earth-3) scenario, but part of me was expecting to see Henry Allen under that mask. Yeah, I am pretty much over Zoom.

Allison: I kinda suspected that Zoom was Jay. I don't really know what this means, or how there are so many Jay's. Sadly, I'm not too interested in this storyline anymore. Let's move on to something new.

Whitney: There are far too many Jay Garrick's on this show and for that reason alone, it wasn't quite the surprise it was meant to be. But given this is The Flash, I'm willing to bet there is a twist or two around the corner.

Carissa: Honestly, I'm getting sick of finding out people we thought were one person were really another in The Flash canon, because it gets all crazy on our quotes and in our system. We have to call a man actually named Harrison Wells Harry because we called some dude named Eobard Harrison for a year. It's annoying.

Here's hoping the Man in the Iron Mask is Wally West and not another Jay Garrick. Or, is he going to BE Jay Garrick and both of the men we know will be Hunter Zolomans, thereby REALLY throwing a wrench into my naming convention? Just ugh. 

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The Flash Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Diggle: This half shark is very much alive and his biological imperative is telling him to do one that. That's kill you, Barry.
Cisco: We're gonna need a bigger Flash...

This could be the beginning of Caitlin becoming evil. Aren't you worried about that?