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Blood must not have blood... Unless you're Clarke Griffin dealing with the ghosts of your past, maybe.

On The 100 Season 3 Episode 6, Clarke struggled to decide whether to uphold the ideal she'd imparted to Lexa, about retaliation and vengeance hindering peace... or to exact revenge on Emerson, the last remaining Mountain Man.

Join TV Fanatics Allison Nichols, Meg Bonney, Paul Dailly and Caralynn Lippo as they discuss that Polis/Polaris twist, Lexa's chances of survival, and what could possibly be going on with sketchy Titus...

The 100 Round Table 1-27-15

The 13th station shot down by the other 12 prior to Unity Day was called Polaris and is now, apparently, the Grounders' capitol Polis. React to that twist!

Allison: This twist was amazing, and I can definitely say that I never saw it coming. My jaw hit the floor. This makes the Grounder history so much more interesting. I can't wait to learn more about Polaris.

Meg: I love this!  I think it opens a whole new storyline with the Grounders that we wouldn't expect. I think that the Nightbloods are connected to the 13th Station somehow. Like they are the descendants of people who took the "happy pill" maybe?

Paul: That was one of the best twists the show has thrown our way in a while. I'm so intrigued about what this means for Unity Day and all.

Caralynn: People have been throwing around the phrase "game-changer" a lot when it comes to this twist, but that's really exactly what it is. The fact that the 13th station was blasted out of the sky, a fact scrubbed from the history books, and that the 13th station is somehow intertwined with Titus and the Grounders' history, is a huge deal. It opens up so many possible storylines, so many ways for the show to go. It's exciting.

Lexa gave a rousing speech to her people about the necessity of mercy and avoiding retaliation for hope of long-lasting peace. What did you think of her speech? Did it sway you to her way of thinking at all, or is she still a goner?

Allison: It was a great speech, but it will take more than words to get her people to change their minds. Blood must have blood is also a way that they get peace and closure for the ones that they lost. It's not as simple as revenge. I'm not liking Lexa's chances at survival.

Meg: Goner! In a society as harsh as hers, it's still shocking that she is doing this. It's really silly to think that letting Pike go unpunished would result in a peaceful future. The better plan is to kill Pike. I am not sure why it's kill all of the Sky People or do absolutely nothing. Why is there no middle ground?

Paul: I agree. It was very stupid of her and at some point she's going to find herself removed from her post, or even killed. What Pike and co. did to her army was not excusable and I loved that Clarke was put in a similar situation to her.

Caralynn: It's really too bad, because Lexa's motives are admirable, but I agree. Her people are not going to buy this. It's one thing to want peace but it's an entirely other thing to be the widow or widower of a warrior who was killed by Pike while they were sleeping. The idea of not exacting vengeance must be completely absurd to these people. I don't think Lexa will die but I highly doubt she'll remain the Commander for much longer. I strongly suspect she'll be deposed and someone will replace her (maybe Ontari?).

Poor Octavia. What do you think her fate will be after getting abducted by Semet and his people following her failed attempt to halt the Sky People attack on Semet's village?

Allison: I hope Lexa and the Grounders will take some kind of pity on her because Octavia did go there to warn them. The Grounders took Octavia as proof, and she needs to be alive to serve that purpose. Clarke is there, so she will be able to fight for Octavia. I'd feel much safer if the two of them left Polis and went someplace where they aren't constantly surrounded by Grounders.

Meg: I don't think they will kill her, but I'm worried that this will be how Lincoln dies and I think it will push Bellamy over the edge. Right now he is still questioning some of Pike's orders. But when he finds out they hurt his sister. He'll flip.

Paul: There's no way they will kill her, but I'm sure when they're finished with her, she's going to be a very different person than the one they took.

Caralynn: I agree with Meg. I have a really bad feeling that this may be how Lincoln bites the bullet. They seemed to be hinting strongly that Pike and/or Bellamy would be responsible for Lincoln's death, but how ironic would it be if Lincoln's own people were the ones to do it? Ugh, that would be awful, but I don't put anything past this show.

On a scale of 1-10, how worried are you for Kane now that Bellamy and Pike are aware that he is the traitor in their midst?

Allison: I'm going to say 5. Kane is aware that Pike has people watching him, so he's already being careful. However, Kane doesn't know how much they know. I'm worried that Bellamy is going to go to Kane all fake repentant, and he's going to be Kane's downfall. I can't handle seeing that relationship go through any more pain.

Meg: 3? Bellamy won't hurt Kane. I also think that the people would stop Pike from killing Kane. There has to be some loyalty left, right?

Paul: 5. Pike is very cutthroat and I think he would relish the opportunity to remove Kane from the equation. There's less chance of Pike being relieved of his post as Chancellor with Kane away.

Caralynn: Well, thanks to the trailer for the season, we know that Kane is alive at least long enough to make out with Abby, so I'm going to say maybe 6? Like Allison mentioned, it would be way too much for me to handle Bellamy actively causing harm to Kane. I like the idea that Bellamy initially goes undercover pretending to be repentant to get the dirt on Kane, but then actually becomes repentant and double crosses stupid Pike. That would be a great twist and would go a long way towards the exceedingly long road ahead of redeeming Bellamy.

What are Titus' motives and how does he tie into this Polis/Polaris reveal? Speculate.

Allison: Maybe he is involved in some religious type cult that believes in the "sacred symbol." The use of the word "sacred" automatically makes me think religious. I wonder if Titus and the other followers would view A.L.I.E. as some kind of god. Titus definitely just became a whole lot more interesting and shady.

Meg: What if he is the A.I.? Have we seen him away from tower? I don't remember if we have seen him away from the Polaris pod.

Paul: That was a great way to introduce the part of the ship, but I honestly have no clue on this one!

Caralynn: Oh wow! I love Meg's idea; that Titus could be the other A.I.! That hadn't even occurred to me because I just assumed that the second A.I. would look identical to A.L.I.E.! We did see him at Lexa's duel with Roan, but I'm not sure how far from the Polaris pod that was. Maybe, being 2.0, Titus has a stronger wireless signal...? I honestly have no idea what Titus is truly up to, but he is certainly very shady and it's fun to speculate!

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