Supergirl Round Table: How Many Superheroes Does it Take to Assemble IKEA?

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Kara received some help from a special guest on Supergirl Season 1 Episode 18 when The Flash accidentally sped into her life. 

Below, TV Fanatics Jay Ruymann, Jim Garner, Kathleen Wiedel, Paul Dailly, and Christine Orlando share their thoughts on the big crossover, the enactment of Myriad, and whether Cat really does know the truth about her superhero assistant. 

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Do you watch The Flash? Whether you do or not, did the crossover live up to your expectations?

Jay: I do watch The Flash and this was better than I expected. A million times better than the crossovers between Arrow and the Flash. Barry Allen and Kara Danvers are perfect together and should be together more.

Jim: 100% agree with Jay. Barry and Kara were sooo cute together! Her excitement over the ice cream cone was nearly as adorkable as Flash's "let's settle this like ladies" comment. I really hope we get to see more of this team-up!

Kathleen: I watch The Flash (and Arrow!), and I thought this crossover was fantastic. I am inclined to at least somewhat agree with Jay that it worked better than The Flash crossing over with Arrow, in large part because the tone of The Flash is far more similar to Supergirl.

It's like chocolate and peanut butter: each good on their own, but they make an absolutely wonderful combination. I definitely hope that Supergirl returns the favor and makes an appearance in Central City!

Paul: I ditched The Flash in Season 1, but I loved the crossover. It's kind of made me want to go back and catch up.

Christine: I’ve actually never watched The Flash, but after this crossover I might check it out. I thought Kara and Barry made a great team and Barry was darn cute.

Will Alex and J'onn abandon their mission to return to National City? Who do you think will not be affected by Myriad?

Jay: Probably. I hope their mission is put off until season two, so we can have a real ending to Non’s story.

Jim: I guess it depends on if they even know about it. Since we don't know where they are currently, they may not even have the intel that something is wrong.

Kathleen: Myriad taking effect really reminded me of Doctor Who Season 2 Episode 6, "Age of Steel," when something very similar happened when the Cyberman made most of London walk right into their Cyber-conversion plants. In this case, I suspect only humans are being affected (explaining why Supergirl was not turned into a marching zombie).

It's also possible, depending on how Myriad is being delivered, that the DEO is unaffected in their secret underground base. Who knows? Maybe Project Cadmus will actually come into play with Myriad!

Paul: I have no idea, but I agree with Jay that it should be put off until Season 2. We only have two episodes left. It sucks the episode order was for 20 episodes!

Christine: There doesn’t seem to be enough time to tie up both stories effectively, and I miss Alex and J’onn, so I hope they head back to National City to deal with Myriad. I’m hoping that Cat Grant isn’t a zombie because I’d love to see her reaction to them.

Everyone had something to say about James and Kara. Who gave the best advice?

Jay: Barry. That’s exactly what Kara needed to hear.

Jim: I really like Lucy's comments. Her realizing that she and James were not right for each other goes a long way towards making her a stronger member of Team SG.

Kathleen: I'm the last person you want to ask about the best relationship advice, but I'll go with Barry. I will say this, though: I do think that Cat Grant gave terrible advice.

Paul: Barry. He always seems to know how to help people out the best!

Christine: I don’t think Cat’s advice was half bad. If Kara had continued pushing, she would have pushed James farther away. This way he got his space and got to see what he might be losing too.

Do you think Cat still suspects (or suspects again) that Kara is Supergirl?

Jay: I’m not even sure. I mean, I hope so? Cat Grant is the smartest person on this show, and if she still hasn’t realized it, but realized Barry was The Flash in five minutes, I’m not sure I could forgive the writers for making her seem stupid.

Jim: Given that Cat is aware of shape-shifting aliens, I really hope she does know. As Jay pointed out, figuring out Barry was the Flash in five minutes and not realizing that Kara is Supergirl would be an unforgivable sin for the writers.

Kathleen: I'm willing to believe that J'onn's impersonation put Cat off briefly. But given things like Supergirl's Bizarro doppelganger and all the weird and whacky aliens popping out of the woodwork lately, Cat would have to be a first-rate idiot not to at least suspect that her oft-disappearing assistant is Supergirl, after all.

Paul: I have a feeling she knows that Kara is Supergirl. I just can't fathom why no one notices she's Supergirl because she doesn't look much different when she's in costume.

Christine: Agree with the above. Cat is smart enough to have figured it out by now, and I’d love to hear her explanation for why she’s still playing dumb on the subject.

What was your favorite quote or scene?

Jay: Every single one of the Barry/Kara scenes, really. The quote I enjoyed the most, however, was from Cat:

All four of you standing there doing nothing, you look like the attractive yet non-threatening racially diverse cast of a CW show.


Jim: Jay, I actually clapped and guffawed out loud when Cat said that line. Beyond that, I adored every Barry/Kara scene. These two are such great "BFFs," they need to be in a show together!

Kathleen: Jay, you stole that line out from under me! I also laughed out loud at that line. I'll also call out Kara's crack about complicated IKEA furniture assembly:

Winn: I saw that winning the people back wasn't going so well.
Kara: I have tried everything I can think of. Last night, I helped a family assemble their IKEA table.

Paul: My favorite quote was the one with Cat commenting about them being from The CW show. Cat Grant is hilarious!

Christine: You’ve all taken my favorites already! As someone who has struggled putting together IKEA furniture, I could have definitely used some superhero to help!

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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

I'm Barry Allen, fastest man alive. I also think that I'm on the wrong Earth. I'm gonna need your help.


Winn: I saw that winning the people back wasn't going so well.
Kara: I have tried everything I can think of. Last night, I helped a family assemble their IKEA table.