Quantico Round Table: No One's Safe

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On Quantico Season 1 Episode 13, we said goodbye to Natalie in a shocking turn of events that proved to Alex, and to us, that this terrorist isn't playing around. At Quantico, we got to know the upper class trainees a little bit better, and surprise, surprise, they all have secrets. 

Below, TV Fanatics Paul Dailly, Kelly Thompson, and Allison Nichols share their views and theories on some of the craziness that happened. Join the discussion by leaving your thoughts in a comment below.

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Are you liking watching the classes work together at Quantico?

Kelly: Yes and no. The interactions between the two classes has been great. A lot of shady looks and hostile comments, but it was already hard enough to remember everyone's story in the Quantico storyline and the current storyline. These new recruits will hopefully only stay in the Quantico plot because I can't keep track of what everyone is up to in both timelines.

Paul: I realized during this episode that I'm so over the training storyline. It has brought some new blood into the show, but what sense does that make in the present when we've yet to meet one of them? It's time to leave the training storyline because it's just making the show more ludicrous. It was great initially, but now whenever we leave the present, I get so bored.

Allison: The new blood definitely makes things more entertaining at Quantico. I’m liking that there are people in the mix that we don’t know yet. I do agree with Paul that we need to leave the training storyline behind. There are just too many secrets and storylines to keep track of in both Quantico and the present. Let’s pick one time period. Hopefully by the end of the season, we’re done with training.

Do you think Alex and Drew will be Quantico's next hook up?

Kelly: I really hope not. I'm not saying that because I want her with Ryan. He's been annoying lately. I just don't want Alex to follow the same path with Drew that she did with Ryan. Alex needs to take a timeout from guys and focus on getting her life together.

Paul: I wouldn't mind it. Drew has a personality and that's something Ryan lacks. I doubt Alex would go with him before meeting back up with Ryan though.

Allison: I do really love Alex and Drew’s chemistry. They are fun to watch, and while I wouldn’t mind a hook up, I’m with Kelly. Alex needs to take some time to mourn her relationship with Ryan and just focus on herself.

Natalie's dead. React.

Kelly: I honestly can't react. I'm still in shock. I should have assumed she would die soon as I was starting to like her, and she was in this episode more than every other episode combined. But she had a kid and was a good person, so if I can even put together a reaction, it is just sad. Poor Natalie.

Paul: It was a great twist, but the moment they found the fake lair I realized that it was far too easy, and there was going to be a price to pay. I'll admit I wasn't Natalie's biggest fan, but she was great last week and this week, so I will miss her.

Allison: I have never loved Natalie more than I did in that hour. She was amazing, so I should’ve seen her death coming. Her death raises the stakes and proves to Alex that she is up against a serious threat. Natalie, you will be missed.

Is Iris helping Shelby out of the goodness of her heart or does she have ulterior motives?

Kelly: I hope Iris is helping Shelby to be nice because Shelby needs some love. Shelby has been getting used for the longest time, and it would be horrible to take advantage of her at this time. Iris was recruited into the FBI, so she must have some ethics otherwise I've lost some faith in this show.

Paul: Everyone has an ulterior motive on this show, so yes, she wants something.

Allison: I’d like to think Iris was being nice, but I’m far too cynical and suspicious for that. Iris will be cashing in this favor somewhere down the line.

Any theories on what's behind Will's creepy photo collection that he hides under his ridiculously organized socks?

Kelly: I currently have no theory other than the theory that Will is a freak show. I immediately just assumed that he had a crush on the twins, but he's crossing everyone's faces out. He is planning something but with knowing so little about his character besides that is like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory times a million, I can't put together a theory yet. I'm sure I will have one soon just not yet.

Paul: No theory either. The writers of this show better kick it up a notch and make it worthwhile though!

Allison: Maybe he is just keeping tally of people he has figured out or has a read on, so he knows who he can manipulate if need be. I’m honestly not sure. Something’s not right there.

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Quantico Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Alex: For someone with a bomb strapped to their chest, you are thinking straight.
Natalie: I was always better than you.

You may not like each other, but you're going to have to learn how to trust each other right now.