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On Quantico Season 1 Episode 14, Simon and Alex each had an emotional breakdown in a Vermont forest, as one does. Back at Quantico, Drew couldn't keep his cool when he learned about Liam's involvement in his fiancé's death. No time at Quantico would be complete without trainees spying on each other. This week it was Nimah and Will who were doing the spying. 

Below, TV Fanatics Paul Dailly, Kelly Thompson, and Allison Nichols share their opinions on some of the events that transpired. Join the discussion by leaving your thoughts in a comment below. 

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Was Liam right to send Drew home?

Kelly: Yes, if only to lower the number of cast members on this show. But more importantly, you can't have a loose cannon be a FBI agent. There is no way that Liam ever intended for civilians to be killed because of his actions. Plus, Liam sending Drew home caused him to tell Alex how it is, which was my favorite scene of the episode.

Paul: I never agree with Liam, but I did on this one. There's something very iffy about Drew and he needed to go.

Allison: Drew was way out of line, and you can’t have people that can easily become emotionally compromised as agents. Drew couldn’t reign in his anger. Liam was right to send him home.

Should Alex keep Natalie's death a secret?

Kelly: No, telling the others about Natalie's death would probably make them all believe Alex and we could stop this nonsense of everyone thinking Alex is nuts. Alex didn't ask for help when a bomb was strapped to Natalie and that led to Natalie's death, so Alex obviously needs help. Keeping this secret just puts all her fellow agents in danger.

Paul: Not in a million years. She's going to get more people killed for it, and I just can't fathom what she's doing.

Allison: I don’t understand why Alex isn’t telling anyone about Natalie’s death. Keeping Natalie’s death a secret only helps out the terrorist. When she went to Ryan’s, the terrorist seemed more concerned that Alex was going to reveal that she was being used. If that is what she is concerned about, then leave that part out or be discrete about it, and just focus on the fact that Natalie died, at least allow her family and friends to know what happened.

Shelby and Iris debated the pros and cons of knowing the full truth about something. Would you prefer to live with uncertainty or would you need to know the truth?

Kelly: There are benefits to both, so I can't choose. Iris was totally justified in calling Shelby out because no one has the right to put their judgments and beliefs onto others. There are some things that can't be answered, and we have to find peace in that somehow. Iris telling Shelby that is hopefully one-step closer to Shelby getting closure. Also, is anyone else starting to like Iris a lot?

Paul: I agree that there are pros and cons, but in their line of work there are going to be periods of uncertainty, so it was a great task.

Allison: I feel like it’s important to be able to live with both. You shouldn’t depend on closure like Shelby does. There are some things that you just will never know, and you have to learn to accept it. Kelly, Iris is definitely growing on me.

How is Simon and Alex teaming up to take down the terrorist going to be different than when Alex worked with Natalie?

Kelly: In reality it shouldn't be any different, but in this show it will be. Simon is a tech guy so he brings that to the table, and I don't think the show will kill Simon off anytime soon.

Paul: Simon lets his emotions get to him too much and that's what could ultimately be his demise. I don't see many differences though.

Allison: It annoyed me that Alex didn’t seem to learn anything from Natalie’s death. I’m hoping we start to see Alex and Simon playing it safe, but I’m not seeing a difference either.

Is there one storyline that you just really aren't interested in?

Kelly: I wish the show would stop with the NATs following and looking into the other NATs. Who knows what Caleb is up to with Shelby's fake half-sister but that alone is interesting. Freaky Will following and spying on Caleb is not interesting. Why must the NATs always be in each other's business? This could lead to a bigger issue, which is that Paul was right last week, it might be time to stop with NAT timeline and only focus on the current timeline.

Paul: Like I've said before, I HATE the three months ago storyline. It needs to end now. There's enough going down in the present for us to cherish.

Allison: I will say, the only thing I like about Will following Caleb is that we might FINALLY get some Caleb answers because so far we’ve learned nothing about Mark Raymond. Other than that, I’m also not a fan of the NAT versus NAT. The other storyline that I didn’t really care for was the Raina/Nimah one.

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