Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Who Has The Twin?

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Who has a twin?

On Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 19 it made it look like Mrs. D could be alive, but will that ring true, or will she have a twin?

TV Fanatics Jay Ruymann and Rachel Miller are joined by super fan Meaghan. Join in as they discuss Hanna's decision, Lucas' return and what will happen in the finale. 

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of Hanna pretending to be the killer?

Jay: Stupid move, Han. It just wasn't smart and isn't going to go over well. I know you want to end it, but at this rate, you're going to be hit by another car. 

Rachel: You’d think after everything the girls have been through, they’d learn to not take the bait by now. I agree with Jay, it was a very stupid move.

Meaghan: I honestly praise her for at least doing something. The girls have a bad habit of letting things just happening to them. Hanna is taking matters into her own hands now and although it will probably blow up in her face, it was worth a shot. 

Are you over the Ezra/Nicole storyline yet?

Jay: Isn't everyone? Who even is Nicole?

Rachel: Yes. This storyline is pretty exhausting.

Meaghan: Is this even a storyline? Who cares about Nicole? We know nothing about her and Ezra will be back with Aria by the end so Nicole doesn't even matter. 

Is it a bit shady that Lucas is back in town, or is it a red herring?

Jay: I don't think the writers mean anything by it. I think they're just trying to get the feel of season one again by bringing back old characters. Who cares about Lucas, though, bring back Jenna so she can show Shower Harvey how to properly be shady.

Rachel: I laughed at the thought of Lucas trying to be Hanna’s sugar daddy. He’s still trying desperately to win Hanna over. I just wish they’d bring back characters we truly cared about like Jenna, Wren and even Noel.

Meaghan: I'd be okay with Lucas being bad, except for the fact that the "do you lunch?" line to Caleb makes it so I can't take him too seriously.

Who has a twin?

Jay: I really, really hope it's Mrs. DiLaurentis. That scene in the hospital was the best of the season, honestly, and made me very excited for the possibility. But anyone except Sara Harvey can have the twin, please. Anyone but her.  

Rachel: I want it to be Mrs. D as well. I’ve always loved her character and those cryptic remarks she’d always make. But I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if irrelevant Sara Harvey has a twin. It’ll unfortunately give her yet another important role in this storyline.

Meaghan: I must be the only one who doesn't want it to be Mrs Dilaurentis. To me it wouldn't even matter if she had one. But, if it came down to her and Shower Harvey I would choose Mrs Di in a heart beat. I have for a long time thought it was, and wanted it to be, Spencer so I'm still crossing my fingers. However, it most likely is gonna be Mrs Di. 

What do you hope will happen in the finale?

Jay: I hope either this Uber A or Charlotte's killer are unmasked. Preferably Uber A so we can see how this person is watching them during S7. Also, I hope Uber A has some real motivation, or that they just hate the girls, and it's not explained away as mental illness as it was for both Mona and Charlotte.

Rachel: I hope everything will make sense. I want to know who killed Mrs. D., and Charlotte. Is the killer the same person after the liars? I also hope Sara Harvey will be leaving Rosewood for good. I’m sick of her character.

Meaghan: Like Jay I want to find out who Uber A is so that we can watch them stalk the girls next season before the girls know their identity. I also would like Charlotte's killer to be revealed because I just want that storyline over. It's tired. 

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