Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Did The Twin Kill Hanna?!?

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That was quite the finale, right?!?

On Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 20, the twin was revealed, while Hanna was kidnapped by A. 

Below, TV Fanatics Jay Ruymann and Rachel Miller are joined by super fan Meaghan. Join in as they discuss Hanna's fate, Mary Drake and what will happen in the final season...

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

What's going to happen to Hanna?

Jay: They want us to think she's dead, but there's no way they'll kill her off after the Haleb drama in that episode. She'll probably be held hostage for awhile, until Charlotte's real killer is revealed.

Rachel: I don't think Hanna is dead. After all, we did see her in the flash forward scene when the liars came to warn Alison that ‘he’ was here.

Meaghan: Yeah like Rachel said, we have already seen her alive at a point that is after what we have seen so far. She is probably just going to be used to send a message to the Liars for Uber A, to remind them they have all the power.

What did you think of the twin reveal?

Jay: Thank everything on this planet that it wasn't Sara Harvey. I'm interested to see more of Mary Drake, but I'm rolling my eyes because it's another hidden DiLaurentis family member.

Rachel: I was actually glad that Mrs. D has a twin. I’m excited to see how Andrea Parker can turn up her creep factor with Mary Drake. She’s already done an amazing job at making Mrs. D scary. Like Jay, I’m just glad the twin wasn’t Sara Harvey’s.

Meaghan: I agree with Jay and Rachel about being absolutely ecstatic that it wasn't Sara Harvey. However, I really am disappointed that it was Mrs D's twin. The twin has been teased since season 1 and I really thought that were going to make it a more important character. Like Rachel said, though, Andrea Parker is great so it will be nice to see her playing Mary Drake.

Which couple did you like most?

Jay: Ezria. It was about time and there was no love triangle because Liam was basically nonexistent all season.

Rachel: I’m actually over the whole relationship dramas. I just want the show to get back to it’s mystery and focus less on the on again, off again relationships.

Meaghan: I am shocked to say this but Ezria. They have really rebuilt the love I had for them in season 1 again this season. I am shocked because I figured I would say Haleb, but the fact that Spaleb is still a thing ruined the Haleb reunion for me.

How long before Ali gets out of hospital?

Jay: Probably the 7A finale at the latest. She's going to realize that she's not crazy, eventually,

Rachel: Probably when she finds out her mother has a twin that spent time in Radley and that her sister is actually her cousin.

Meaghan: Unless they use this as a chance to showcase Ali more, hopefully within the first few episodes. I don't want them to stick her in a hospital and not show her for half the season like they did this season.

Why did Mary want control of the Carissimi group?

Jay: The money. That's the only reason I can think of.

Rachel: Money and revenge. Maybe Mrs. D. lived the live Mary always wanted and now she’s seeking revenge.

Meaghan: Money. She thinks she deserves it after all this time.

What are your hopes for Pretty Little Liars Season 7?

Jay: I hope we get clear answers to Charlotte's story and they wrap up every story they've opened up in six seasons. I'm tired of plot holes, I want real, believable answers.

Rachel: I want less filler episodes. If season 7 is the last season, hopefully everything will tie together to make sense. I want real answers instead of more red herrings.

Meaghan: All I want is every major question they have brought up over the shows run to be answered. Also, A.D. is the final reveal we are ever getting, please don't let us down with it.

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