Marvel's Agent Carter Round Table: Peggy's Hollywood Ending

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How about that for a Hollywood ending?

This week we said goodbye to Peggy Carter on Marvel’s Agent Carter Season 2 Episode 10, as she stopped Whitney Frost and the spread of Zero Matter with the help of her old friend, Howard Stark.

The finale wrapped up what was arguably the most important storyline of the season, as Peggy and Daniel finally admitted their feelings for each other and kissed quite passionately, leaving us to wonder of she'll choose to stay with him in Los Angeles rather than heading back to New York's SSR offices.

But Agent Carter left us with one major cliffhanger; Jack Thompson’s apparent murder!

Join TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Kathleen Weidel, and Christine Laskodi as they discuss Whitney Frost, Jack, Jarvis, that big kiss, and whether or not there will be a third season of Marvel’s Agent Carter!

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Was Whitney Frost a good villain? Why or why not?

Jim: I really liked Whitney Frost as a villain. She was smart, devious, and towards the end just down right scary! Her sitting there staring out the window at the end lost in her own imagination was amazingly well done.

Kathleen: She was not just a mustache-twirling evil mastermind. I really appreciated the level of character development she received throughout the season, up to and including her descent into utter madness at the end. Even though she was a villain, her broken mind is a tragic end for her.

Christine: I think the writers did a great job setting up a backstory for her and making me feel a lot of sympathy for how she grew up, and really presented a bad-ass woman with great aspirations. That being said, I didn’t enjoy watching her descend into madness the way that you both did! I think I wanted her to be more like Dottie, more of a fighter, I guess?

Will Peggy stay in Los Angeles?

Jim: I hope so. I have to imagine the cost is a bit cheaper to shoot in your own backyard, especially when you don't have to try and make it look like New York.

Kathleen: Here's to hoping! Los Angeles a vibrant history all its own, it's gorgeous, and, ahem, Sousa is there. I've rooted for Peggy/Sousa from the beginning, so I truly hope that he's the husband that she mentioned in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Christine: I hope so as well! Hollywood was such a great backdrop for Peggy and for the SSR. I’m also a sucker for old Hollywood glamour and I think Hayley Atwell fits so well with that style. Plus, I agree with Kathleen. She can’t leave Daniel NOW. They’re finally sucking face! (Smiles!)

Were you pleased with the outcome for Peggy's love life?

Jim: Was there an outcome? One man is off to work for Howard and the other is staying in LA while she was planning to go back to New York. Seems like at least one of those is still up in the air. Can we say "hello season 3"?

Kathleen: May I point out the game of smash-face Peggy was playing with Sousa in his office at the end of the episode? As I mentioned above, I'm all for the two of them getting together. Maybe that New York cop in The Avengers was one of their grandkids...!

Christine: Yeah, I think it was pretty clear that Peggy and Daniel are going to live happily ever after now. But I wasn’t really a fan of the Jason resolution. I’m glad he’s going to continue working for Howard, but I felt like the closure between he and Peggy was a little rushed. That conversation should have gone differently than just, “In another time and place, we could have been something.” That seems like a cop-out to me.

Is Jack Thompson dead?

Jim: I hope not, but I suspect he might be. Given that they've seem to have wrapped up most of his story lines, I could see them writing him out of the show. That being said, we never know do we?

Kathleen: If, and I say if, Agent Carter gets a Season 3, I can see him not being as dead as he seems to be. And remember, this is a comic book series. Death need never be permanent...

Christine: I’m with you both. I really hope he isn’t dead, but it sure seemed like they wrapped up his stories neatly, especially with him taking the dinner orders for Peggy. The resolution there was just perfect.

What was your favorite Jarvis moment of the finale?

Jim: By far my favorite Jarvis moment was right after Anna convinced Peggy to let Jarvis drive her and he came skipping and dancing out of the house to get her bags. He is really a cute side-kick to Peggy.

Kathleen: I'll second that -- it was a wonderful moment. Honorable mention to Jarvis asking Peggy to stay in Los Angeles (despite the ridiculous palm trees and terrible drivers): "Have you ever tried a taco? Delightful!" Jarvis has been such a great character all season (and last season, for that matter). If Agent Carter doesn't return for another season, he'll quite possibly be the character I miss the most.

Christine: I’ll third that! I loved that Ana was so taken aback by Peggy taking a cab because she knew how much it would hurt Jarvis. Then out comes skipping Jarvis. I really love both Jarvis and Ana. I’d love an Iron Man origin story at some point, just so that we can watch those two raising little Tony Stark.

Do you think this show will get a third season?

Jim: I really, really, really hope so! this season was so good and it is the perfect break from Agents of SHIELD over the cold months of Jan-Mar.

Kathleen: I'm with Jim in that I hope it does. Unfortunately, I'm not holding my breath due to the less-than-stellar viewing numbers, which is really rather sad because it's just such a good show.

Christine: I’d like to see it back but under different circumstances. Maybe a different night of the week, with less two-hour events and more advertising. A lot of the feedback I saw for Season 2 was that people had no idea it was on and then didn’t want to sit through two hours of it. There’s definitely no shortage of story for Peggy, so I guess we’ll all just have to sit back and wait!

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