Grimm Season 5 Episode 11 Review: Key Move

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Renard's subplot with the mayoral election finally paid off on Grimm Season 5 Episode 11, with a Black Claw assassin shooting would-be mayor Andrew Dixon as our heroes watched helplessly.

It's moments like this that you want to shake them and shout that they are cops, with cop equipment, including radios! They are not, after all, the only ship in the quadrant! There would definitely have been other cops at the rally!

A Dangerous Journey - Grimm

The Andrew Dixon story felt like it took way, way too long to come to fruition, though the connection to the main story arc with Black Claw was definitely gratifying. I do have to wonder why Black Claw is assassinating a guy running for mayor of Portland, though. I sense there is something more in play here.

I'm pretty much 98% sure that the campaign manager is Black Claw. Her behavior was just way too hinky, making sure Renard stayed on stage, for one. I definitely think that Renard will regret getting into bed with her (both literally and figuratively).

That said, it is nice that Renard got more to do than sit behind his desk and look worried!

Hopefully, wherever this leads won't take as long for the writers to see things through, though. Pretty please?

I liked that Team Grimm had some serious struggles with the map; cartography really didn't come into its own (particularly in terms of accuracy and scale) in Europe for some centuries after the crusaders would have lived.

I do, however, feel compelled to point out a flaw in Monroe's reasoning that they needed to look for a Catholic church: during the Reformation, many previously Catholic churches and other properties were converted for use by various Protestant denominations.

Another headscratcher is how the Blutbad priest, his churchmouse sacristan, and the torch-and-pitchfork brigade knew where Monroe and Nick ended up. I mean, even if they knew where our intrepid duo wanted to go (the place with the buried Crusader treasure), how could they know that Monroe and Nick would know where that is?

I liked that Rosalee was the one to provide Monroe and Nick with the false passports they needed, a nice continuity nod to an early Rosalee episode, Grimm Season 1 Episode 18, when Rosalee procured false papers for Ian Harmon, her ex, who was on the run from the Verrat.

This is really good! For something completely illegal.

Nick [on Rosalee's forged passports]

Nick's enthusiasm over the forged documents was pretty funny. It seems that the poor guy never gets to be actually happy anymore, so it was almost startling.

Monroe was probably the MVP for this episode for funny moments, gushing over the map and going to Germany and the fact that they're pretty much walking into history. Our favorite cardigan-wearing Blutbad is at his best when nerding out over stuff like this.

Monroe: My family hunted here for like hundreds of years!
Nick: And when you say 'hunted,' you mean...?
Monroe: Oh! Lots of stuff...

And the LOOK he gave Nick after Nick informed him that he slept with Adalind! Sort of a brief mix of "What the heck?!" and "Why are you telling me this?!" Priceless.

Speaking of Nick and Adalind... I can't exactly say that I'm surprised with this turn of events. Though I'm also not exactly thrilled with it, either. The whole relationship just seems so messed up; they first met when she was trying to murder his aunt and nearly killed him! It just feels mind boggling.

At least Nick acknowledged the fact that it's weird and complicated. Yay? 

A few final notes before I turn the discussion over to you:

  • This is not the first time we've seen a Blutbad as a clergyman. On Grimm Season 2 Episode 5, "The Good Shepherd," a Blutbad led a congregation of Seelenguter.
  • The aliases on Monroe's and Nick's passports were Felix Dietrich (Monroe's uncle) and Freddy Calvert (Rosalee's brother). Nice nods to both deceased characters.
  • Be sure to check out our Grimm quotes page for a rundown of some of the notable quotes from this episode!
  • The sacristan was a Maushertz... in short, a churchmouse!

So, what did you think of "Key Move," fellow Grimmsters? Did you like the twist with the Black Claw assassin shooting Andrew Dixon? Will Eve get her hands on the assassin, or will Team Grimm? What do you think Monroe and Nick will find in the Black Forest? Let us know in the comments below!

Don't worry if you missed this episode! You can watch Grimm online to catch up before Grimm returns with its 100th Episode next week! Be sure to tune in for Grimm Season 5 Episode 12, "Into the Schwarzwald," on Friday, March 11, 2016 at 9/8c on NBC.

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Grimm Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Adalind: What if what they buried is something evil, something they never wanted found, and it was buried for good reason?
Nick: Well, then they wouldn't have made a map, they would have just destroyed it.
Adalind: What if it couldn't be destroyed?

Maybe X does mark the spot!