Days of Our Lives Round Table: Remembering Stefano Dimera

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Ciara confided in Claire, the residents of Salem remembered Stefano and Brady returned home with Summer on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Vanessa and Sevenna92 from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate how Belle is treating Philip, Ben’s escape, their fondest memories of Stefano Dimera, and more after last week’s Days of Our Lives. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

In the history of Stefano Dimera, what was your favorite storyline?

Jack: I haven't seen all of Stefano's run, but I like the Maison Blanche stuff a lot. Also I don't know what the storyline was but I've seen the clip where Stefano tells Andre that the war is over and he needs to let Roman/Hope go and Andre replies, "The war is over when I say it's over." Stefano/Andre battles for control were always fun.

Vanessa: I wasn't alive when Stefano was in his prime but I did like the Prinecess Gina clips I've seen on YouTube so I'm going with that one.

Sevenna92: My favorite storyline would be in the early 80s when he & Tony first arrived in Salem and the whole Tony/Renee saga.

Christine: I was a kid when Stefano first arrived. I remember him dragging Marlena through the tunnels that ran under Salem. I thought it was the coolest storyline ever. 

Is Philip pushing too hard for a relationship or is Belle playing games?

Jack: Belle is playing games. It's sad because I used to love her but now I feel she wants to be an eternal sixteen year old and Philip deserves better.

Vanessa:  Belle's playing him like a fiddle.

Sevenna92: I think Philip is being very honest with his feelings but I also think Belle needs to make up her mind and stop jerking Philip around. If she really wants nothing to do with him, she needs to stop leading him on. 

Christine: If Belle doesn’t want attachments, she needs to stay away from Philip. He’s made it clear that he has real feelings for her and she needs to stop jerking him around every time she feels lonely or needs a shoulder to cry in because it’s just not fair. 

What would you like to see happen with Chase?

Jack: I'd like to see him turn himself in and get counseling while in jail. I really want an end to this "Jennings guys are evil" BS.

Vanessa: I hate what they've done to Chase. He was a sweet kid and now he's a rapist. I'd like to see him get the living crap out of him. Rape is one of those unforgivable things.

Sevenna92: I want Chase to be arrested, tried & sent to jail for a very long time. He needs some serious punishment for what he did to Ciara. I actually also won't mind whatever Hope & the other teens might plan for him. 

Christine: As much as I find what Chase did deplorable, I’d like to see a road to redemption for him, somehow. He’s a horribly messed up kid and he should be punished but I’d like to see someone in Salem try to help him. 

Do you hope that Ben shows up to disrupt Chad and Abigail’s wedding?

Jack: No, it's a redundant storyline and the only thing I'm looking forward to in it is the Chad/JJ alliance we should have had the first time.

Vanessa: No I wanted to never hear the name Ben again. Leave Chad and Abby alone.

Sevenna92: Honestly I don't really care what Ben may or may not do at Chad & Abby's wedding because I'm just not too invested in Chabby at the moment. 

Christine: I’m a Chabby fan. I really wanted to see a happy, romantic wedding but I’m guessing I won’t be getting that. I was thrilled when Ben disappeared. No good comes from having him come back. As much as I’d like to see Chad and JJ working together, I’m also really ticked off that they lied to Abby. Not only does she have the right to know the truth, it’s safer if she does. 

You choose…is Summer Maggie’s daughter or no?

Jack: No. I think she's a con artist and troublemaker who made up some story after taking advantage of Daniel's kindness.

Vanessa: I wish she wasn't but that's where it looks like it's going. Maggie's the new Stefano when it comes to kids.

Sevenna92: Summer is not Maggie's daughter. She's a psycho, con artist who is planning to deceive Maggie and others who loved Daniel into thinking that she's his sister when really she may be after Victor's money because Maggie's married to him. She might also be planning to win over Brady in order to gain access to said fortune & in the process get rid of Tate and/or Theresa. 

Christine: Ugh. I hate this story. Not only does it make no sense, it’s boring as all get out. I’m with Theresa. I think Summer is likely pulling a con. She’s already proven she’s unstable and Brady is a fool to invite her into his home with his infant son. 

Was there anything that disappointed you this week in Salem?

Jack: That Summer didn't stay in LA where she belongs. Also, JJ and Chad should have told Abby the truth, or at least have some clear reason for lying.

Vanessa: Ben's escape.

Sevenna92: The most disappointing thing for me is the whole Summer saga and that Brady is being a major moron by allowing a strange woman to live in the same household as his girlfriend & young son & expect everybody to be okay with it. Also even though I'm kind of glad Stefano finally got the sendoff he deserves I find the idea of his enemies celebrating his death kind of tacky & tasteless.

Christine: Since all of my complaints about Summer have been addressed, I’ll go with Victor “branding” Deimos. That really seemed silly and served no purpose other than to enrage Deimos further. 

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline?

Jack: The scenes between Ciara and Claire on Friday were pretty powerful. I also enjoyed JJ and Gabi's romantic interlude. I'd like to see more of them.

Vanessa: Chad and Stefano's talk was the best part of the week. Chad needed the closure and so did the viewers. I was glad the writers didn't cut them.

Sevenna92: I liked that J.J. & Gabi are finally moving ahead in their relationship & I even liked Theresa & Abby bonding a bit. Also I kind of liked Chad & Stefano's last scene together & that Chad got to have closure with his father.

Christine: I thought Billy Flynn knocked his goodbye scene between Chad and Stefano out of the park. 

If you missed anything from last week, check out Jack Ori’s Days of Our Lives recap and review here at TV Fanatic. 

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