Colony Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Zero Day

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So that was what a host looks like. Or their suit, anyway.

Through the dust and rubble of a bombed out Metro car on Colony Season 1 Episode 9 we got just a glimpse of one of the hosts. Hosts who are apparently art lovers. And unless I'm wrong, our environment probably doesn't suit them.

Well, it probably suits them more than, say, a giant bomb, but that's another story.

Katie and Will are on such different paths. Katie wants a different life for her family, but hers seems to be from a philosophical perspective and how they'll be living 30 years from now. Will is thinking of today and next week. I'm not sure how they can find common ground.

A Major Operation - Colony

Is the guy (of the Host variety) coming into town the one who was going to give Proxy Snyder his review? I'm going to make some assumptions here.

First, if there is a proposal to run the block differently, then Snyder was obviously going to get a bad review, right? They way he's running things is so drastically different from the others that they want to take it away from him and give it to someone else.

It hardly seems like you'd need a proposal for that. Just do whatever the other guys are doing. What's the big deal? 

Well, regardless, everything the Bowman family is going will undoubtedly make Snyder look like a complete failure, so I expect his life to take a turn for the worse.

Maybe Adrian Pasdar's Nolan will be the new Proxy. Maddie sure has a grip on how to accomplish things for him he didn't even know he wanted. She sure ushered out his wife in a hurry. She must have made a call about the gallery.

Silly me. I thought the whole black market thing was just the way things worked over there in the green zone. I guess not. The Hosts apparently want the best of everything with them. Wherever they are.

Since it was Zero Day and rioting was increased, Will and Beau took the opportunity to set their CYA plan into motion. That gave them (and us) their first significant look outside the walls.

They had no idea where the cars went or that the highways were demolished. Things that ordinarily would be reported immediately were so close and could have been on the moon.

Their plan worked. The work on the case also led to the discovery of the tunnel. The same tunnel Bram has been using. That's how Will was going to get the family out and go to Big Bear with Beau. They had limited time because they're going to put a sting around it to catch whoever is using it.

Of course, Will doesn't think anyone is using it. Little does he know, the part of his family he THINKS is safe is now in jeopardy. 

It's still not as bad as what he and Katie are going through. Will is pragmatic. He wants to rescue his son and get out of Dodge. Just hide out and live. Is it cowardly? Maybe. But he's seen a bit of the Occupation now. He's formed an opinion.

Katie, too, has done that. And her decision is to fight. She asked Will to fight with her. He thought she was the crazy one. She sure has changed a lot in recent weeks. When we first started following her, killing someone outright would have been hard for her. Now she didn't even flinch when she shot someone in the face at close range.

But how can she sustain that lifestyle when she has nobody to care for her children. Bram was right, he's not Gracie's parent. They learned Lindsey isn't a good choice. Who can you trust with your kids in this new world? Is Maddie even trustworthy?

It's lovely that they want to fight the good fight, it really is, but the pockets of Resistance fighters are ridiculously small. And did anybody else thing the group seemed a little green? It was their first bomb, and they blew the train to hell. He's an engineer! Yikes.

Are those really the people you want to be tied to when the going gets rough? How will they hold up under interrogation?

What do you think is next for Will and Katie? He'll soon be charged with finding who blew up the train and on the hunt for the missing Host. After all, he's the best on the Block. How long can he let her have a running start? Snyder has to look out for his own ass at some point, too.

I'm interested to know what you thought of all of this. Would you be more like Katie or more like Will? Or maybe more like Snyder? He's working with the Occupation to make life better for those stuck in a bad situation. He's not a bad guy, after all. Let me know what you think everyone is up to!

Only one episode left this season, so if you haven't done so yet, make sure you watch Colony online to catch up with us! One to go!

Zero Day Review

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Colony Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Katie: Seems simple enough.
Broussard: It's not. This isn't about making a split second decision to save your husband's life. It's about being able to walk up to a complete stranger and kill them. That's why you need to put your emotions aside.

Nolan: But Alan, as far as I know, everyone up here is fully behind you.
Snyder: With daggars in hand.