Blindspot Season 1 Episode 15 Review: Older Cutthroat Canyon

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Our favorite FBI agents' sense of humor was brought out during Blindspot Season 1 Episode 15.

We got a lot funny mixed into the jam packed episode.

We got some big teasers about Jane's time with her old organization. It came at an expense, like Jane getting shot at, but it was information nonetheless.

After listening to the criminal of the week's name being said about 100 times (and over an hour of online searching), there is no way to determine if the criminal this episode was named Kane or Kade. I'm going with Kane, for now, until it can be confirmed.

A Stolen Painting - Blindspot

Kane is after Jane, so Oscar is forced to explain who he is which is some rogue ex-partner of their team. Kane is mad about Oscar doing something, or being involved with Marcos.

No more information was given about Marcos, but this will not be the last time we hear that name. Nor will it be the last time Kane is mentioned or seen because he was able to survive a gunshot and being thrown off a boat.

What? The only explanation can be that this was all some giant ruse by Oscar to get Jane to trust him and work with him again.

The death of another buddy of Oscar's, named Danny (who's name was very clearly said, I might add), is the only hiccup in the theory, but he could have been a needed sacrifice.

Either way, Oscar isn't trustworthy at this point, and it's scary that Jane is being pulled to him more and more.

There is something still between her and Weller, but Oscar is complicating everything and making Jane become a liability to her team at the FBI. Her relationship with Oscar will spiral out of control, and Jane could lose the team and Weller forever.

Besides Jane going rogue, Reade broke up with Sarah. For the very little screen time these two shared together and very little be know about both of them, it was still sad.

Reade tells her he doesn't love her because her life was threatened, and he doesn't want to risk her life. Here's hoping Reade gets over himself and these two work out because more Jordana Spiro on our television screens is a great thing.

I mentioned how funny this episode was, so let's touch on that briefly.

This one episode had more sarcasm and one-liners than all the others combined. It was a nice pace change and this show, which can be very heavy and dark, could use some light.

The round robin scene where they were all throwing out theories on who the artist might be and if he/she was the culprit was hilarious because they figured out they knew nothing and actually pointed out that fact. Normally, Patterson is the sole comic relief, but it was everyone this time, and there needs to be more of that.

Jane: So this dog can really smell bombs?
Reade: Well if it can't, it's a pretty terrible bomb smelling dog.

What are your theories on Oscar? Do you trust him, should Jane trust him? Who is this Marcos and will we see him soon? Let me know on Twitter because we have to work together.  If you need a refresher on what happened on this or any episode watch Blindspot online here.

Older Cutthroat Canyon Review

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Blindspot Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Jane: So this dog can really smell bombs?
Reade: Well if it can't, it's a pretty terrible bomb smelling dog.

Keep fighting about it while I get dressed.