Bitten Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Rule of Anger

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It was pretty cool how everything came together on this episode. Agree?

While watching Bitten Season 3 Episode 6, things seemed a little scattered, and it was unclear for a lot of it how it would all get tied into the bigger picture, but the AHA moments are the end make it all worthwhile.

Well, probably not so much if you're Rachel!

Where's Rachel? - Bitten Season 3 Episode 6

Poor Rachel. She was really not doing well. With witch blood cursing through her veins (no pun intended, but hey, that worked!), she was bringing up a Werewolf baby all alone. Literally, she had nobody in this big world but Nick. And the infrequent visits were hardly enough.

The solitude sort of drove her crazy, bringing out the witch in her. She was thinking that bringing up a Werewolf baby was somehow different than a human one, and her powers made it so. 

Jeremy could probably find a way to chalk it up to reasons why human mothers shouldn't raise Werewolf babies, but if she only had a better understanding of their culture and who they were as a people, she wouldn't have been so frightened.

Karen's freak out over witnessing the change that ultimately caused he death was due to fear of the unknown, just as is Rachel's behavior toward her own son. Not everyone should know about the Wolves, certainly, but there is benefit for those close to know.

The discussion between Katia and Alexi proves there is no need to fear once you understand. I loved that conversation. It was lovely. Alexei is simply adorable, and the way he shared his change and the horror that became of it with his sister was innocent and pure.

That's also when we discovered that Red Eye was the man who killed their mother.

Damn. If that's the man who has been chasing them all these years, it's no wonder they've been on the run. And they must have gotten very good at evasion.

Don't you think if Red Eye is as good at his killing trickery that he'd be very good at tracking, as well?

The opening scene in the cafe was one of the most vile I've seen in a while. Red Eye was almost a murder whisperer, the way he managed to kill that fellow's friend right beside him without him even noticing. He was so busy waiting for a trick to begin, he missed the big act. 

It really freaked me out, and I'm old hat when it comes to murder and mayhem. Kudos to the writing team for putting this bunch of kills together. that the kind of thing you compliment? Well, as a giant fan of the kills inside the Final Destination franchise, hopefully everyone catches my sick drift.

Seeing Paige again was fantastic, and the romantically lit scene with her and Nick as she told him she was moving across the country was visually lovely but crap to hear. Perhaps she didn't notice how gorgy he looked in his peg leg jeans and boots, because that should have been enough to keep anyone close to Stonehaven.

Paige can't just up and leave now, though. Someone has to help Rachel get a handle on her magical side. What self-respecting witch could walk away from the mother of a baby in such a state? And magic may help locate Katia.

Good Lord. Note to self: do not toss the teen into the spare bedroom when things start going down no matter how many ants she thinks are crawling on her body.

Katia obviously thinks she can do something with Rocco to kill Red Eye, right? Is she under some strange delusion that she can manipulate Rocco into picking up a stuffed bear so she has time to kill the killer? 

Let's be honest. None of us can possibly dig into the mind of a teenager, even when one ourselves. They're a mystery even to each other. Why else would there be so many TV shows about them in various troubled states?

Trying to use a magical baby (that, whoops, isn't magical after all) to kill the murdering bastard who killed your mother, though, is really right up there with odd things to do with your teenage mind.

Unless I am completely misreading what I watched. I'll take the trash you throw my way if I did. I've been stupid before. I'll be stupid again. I was a teenager once, too, you know. There's still one residing inside me, somewhere.

Was anybody else surprised Clay didn't need magic to restore his dead body after being electrocuted for so long? Thank God Werewolves are stronger than humans because that was quite the jolt he took. Dang! He didn't even have to shake that off. 

This was a great setup for another episode and had a lot of fun moments. What did you think of the hour? Were you as glad to see Paige back as I was?  Check back next week for Bitten Season 3 Episode 7, "On the Brink"!

Until then, you can always watch Bitten online to get your next bite of this Syfy show.

Rule of Anger Review

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Bitten Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Elena: None of us are worth saving unless we're all worth saving.
Clay: Then we go get him.

Nick: Why do I get the feeling I'll be looking for elderwood and hemlock soon?
Paige: Nope, but I will need crickets and pine cones.
Nick: Great.