Better Call Saul Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Amarillo

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If there's one gambling lesson Jimmy McGill seems not to know it's that the house always wins. Eventually. 

Better Call Saul Season 2 Episode 3 might have been the beginning of the end of Jimmy's newfound fame and glory in the cushy law offices of Davis and Main.


There's always the chance he'll manage to talk himself out of things. He's pretty good at that.

Showmanship - Better Call Saul Season 2 Episode 3

Rather quickly we're seeing the rise and fall of Jimmy McGill, at least insofar as the final scenes of tonight's episode indicated. 

This gamble of running the commercial without approval from the Davis and Main partners might not work out so well for Jimmy. Don't worry, though. 'Saul Goodman.

Jimmy didn't want this job anyway, and the reason he took it was to please Kim and prove something to his brother. With Chuck's presence in the case weighing on him and Kim's continual disapproval of the way he does things, it won't be too much longer before Jimmy will snap. 

Even if running the commercial did pay off. And let's be real. It totally paid off.

Using Mrs. Alpine Shepherd Boy as the star of his heart-tugging commercial designed to prey (gently) on the souls of senior citizens in Sandpiper communities? PERFECTION.

Jimmy's challenge was to find new Sandpiper residents willing to sign on to the class action suit in order to make it bigger, stronger, and better able to stand up in court. 

Done. Thanks to a little creativity and some good old fashioned ethos.

Jimmy's real challenge? Working inside the box and within the confines of the prescribed way of doing things, which just isn't his style at all. 

The showdown coming between Cliff and Jimmy isn't even the one I'm most interested in seeing. (Cliff might be the boss, but he's wrong on this one. Let the man who knows the clients get the clients.)

Kim, whom I love, and whom I love for Jimmy, is going to flip when she finds out Jimmy ran the commercial without approval, because what matters to her more than making sure this is a good fit for Jimmy is making sure things are done "correctly."

There's a time and place for that. They're attorneys. They have to work inside the law. 

Kim just has a more strict adherence to rules than Jimmy and instead of balancing one another out, they'll be each other's downfall. 

He'll sacrifice his own happiness and fight to stay at Davis and Main working on this case in order to please her (but also because it's his case and he deserves to be there). She'll push him so hard to do things the "right" way that she'll push him away completely.

He's not like her. He grew up in Chuck's shadow.

Or maybe they're more alike than we think. There are many things about Kim we don't yet know and maybe there's some rich storytelling there. Why is she so drawn to the rules? What is it about them which makes her feel safe?

Maybe those are far too cerebral a series of questions for midnight. So let's talk about Mike's vigil outside his daughter in law's house.

First of all, the actress playing Kaylee is ENTIRELY TOO OLD for where we are in the timeline. Entirely. Every time she comes on screen I'm taken completely out of the scene because this girl should be about three right now, and instead she looks like she's ten.

Secondly, his daughter in law is cracking. 

She's hearing gunshots that aren't happening, swearing she's not sleeping at night because of what she's hearing outside, and calling the cops to report it all. Mike knows she's hearing things, but he's such a protector he doesn't even want to push the issue that she's essentially hallucinating.

He's also willing to take a job for Nacho to pay to move his family to a home where she'll feel safer. 

Nacho needs a man taken out of the equation, but who that might be we don't yet know. I'm interested to see who it is Nacho wants gone and whether or not Mike will go through with it. 

He might be a killer when it comes to his own personal vengeance, but the man does have morals.

What did you think of "Amarillo"? Was this a less exciting episode than normal or was that just me? Do you think Jimmy will get fired from Davis and Main? Sound off in the comments below and remember you can watch Better Call Saul online right here at TV Fanatic!

Amarillo Review

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