The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 10 Review: The Next World

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After the action-packed last stand in Alexandria on The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 9, was anyone really surprised that things would slow down in the follow-up?

Thankfully, The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 10 put a good amount of the focus on Rick and Daryl’s road trip and them running into an intriguing and wily new character.


Though, if we got a road trip with two different characters, I’m not sure I would have been as invested.

We’ve seen these types of episodes before, going out on a supply run and some random character going along for the ride gets to be zombie fodder to get some zombie action into the hour.

But placing Daryl and Rick together meant there was no way either was going to get killed off, so there weren’t really any stakes on their trip.

Instead, we got to see their great rapport, some humorous moments such as listening to tunes in the car or watching them effectively (and not stupidly) check out places for walkers and then supplies.

I was a bit surprised it wasn’t Aaron going on the run with Daryl, but I guess Rick’s newfound approach towards living in the new world made him perfect for going out and about.

It also was interesting to see Rick and Daryl have a bit of switch in opinion on bringing in new people into Alexandria, but it was funny that even Rick wasn’t keen on bringing back “Jesus." It’s kind of hard to want to like a guy that steals your keys and your supplies.

But what a great introduction to a new character. There’s so many questions surrounding him: Is he with Negan’s crew? Where’d he learn all those ninja moves? Is he going to cause problems for Alexandria or help them?

He doesn’t seem to be a bad guy, he did save Daryl after all, but he’s definitely a sneaky and intriguing character. And did he remind anyone of Jared Leto?

It was rather funny watching Daryl try and chase Jesus down after he managed to escape his bindings and get on top of the truck. Daryl definitely doesn't like him.

I can see some really humorous moments between Jesus and Daryl in the future.

But there’s got to be more to Jesus than just a coincidental run-in. The way he found his way into Rick’s bedroom after being all tied up? Not only does he seem to be a master escape artist, but he seemed to have something pretty important to talk about with Rick.

It was such great way to end things and have you looking forward to more.

Unfortunately, the rest of the episode involved Carl and Enid hanging out in the woods and Michonne following Spencer who was looking for walker Deanna. I just found myself not really caring.

There was a certain tediousness to it that I kept wondering when we would get back to Daryl and Rick’s adventure.

That’s not to say I didn’t appreciate the episode try and flesh out Spencer’s character a bit more. The last time he got to stand out was during the stupid wire climb on The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 7. And that wasn’t a good thing.

I imagine it being difficult to be the one to take out your own zombified mother, but it definitely seemed to bring some closure to Spencer. Plus, it was good Michonne was there to help him out.

But it felt like a real coincidence that Deanna was wandering around out there. The last time we saw her she was inside one of the homes before getting attacked. So are we to presume that she rose from the dead and wandered outside the walls rather than follow the herd inside Alexandria?

It was rather convenient for him to find her.

At the same time, I liked the way the episode was bookended by Michonne and Rick leaving and coming home from “work.” There’s still something surreal about seeing them inside a clean house, and it really captured what’s become the new normal living in this zombie-filled world.

And wow at that Rick and Michonne hook-up. It feels a little soon after his latest girlfriend, Jessie, was killed and eaten by walkers, but I’ve been surprised it’s been this long for the two to get together. I’m curious to see how that relationship goes.

Overall, this was a typical slower episode following the action-packed one. If it just involved the Spencer and Carl stuff, I would have been pretty bored.  Luckily, we got to see Rick and Daryl working together, and Jesus has already proved to be a fascinating new addition.

What did you think of Jesus? What does he want to chat about? Sound off below, and catch up when you watch The Walking Dead online now!

NOTE: The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 11 airs Feb. 28 at 9/8c.

The Next World Review

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