Supernatural Round Table: A Possible Spin-Off?!?

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The girls are back in town!

Supernatural Season 11 Episode 12 saw the return of Jody, Claire and Alex, but was it a warm welcome from the Supernatural Round Table panelists? And what about a spin-off series?

TV Fanatic staff writers Sean McKenna and Christine Laskodi talk with The Winchester Family Business’ Alice and Nightsky all about “Don’t You Forget About Me,” including which one of them would take on that Elvis Burger!

So join in the conversation! What are you waiting for?

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene or quote?

Alice: I think my favorite scene is everyone’s favorite scene — or every fan who visited our site this week — the dinner scene. Nothing like Sam and Dean getting caught in the middle of a good old fashioned heated teenage sex discussion between mother and daughters. At least they got the most amazing meal of their lives out of it. They really need to learn how to cook. They’ve got the kitchen for it. It would spare them more awkward dinners. 

Nightsky: So far it’s unanimous: the hilarious dinner scene! The looks on Sam’s face combined with Dean’s “What?” had me rolling with laughter. The boys killed it as usual, but Jody’s “Sit. Stay.” that was timidly obeyed by the brawny hunters who have stared down Lucifer himself — Priceless!

Christine: Unanimous. I almost feel like the entire episode was written because they wanted that scene to exist.

Sean: Unanimous for sure! This was the best thing about the entire episode. So many funny moments, especially in Sam and Dean trying to deal with being at the table during the talk.

What did you think of the monster of the week?

Alice: There should be a new rule, no more vampire stories. I’ve never liked the Supernatural take on vampires, and I’ve found that the vampire episodes for the most part have been the weakest. This week was no exception. It was slow, predictable, and not very frightening at all.

Nightsky: I was OK with it. Having Alex’s past catch up to her made sense. I thought the plot was unveiled a little too slowly, but overall it was logical and believable. The avenging vampire played his role well.

Christine: I agree completely with Alice. I'm over the vamp stories. They're always so predictable. I think it's great to do these MOTW stories, they're Supernatural's specialty, but I wish they'd tie them to the Darkness. Wouldn't even the smallest monsters be reacting to Amara being on the earth?

Sean: The monster of the week story was just rather boring. I like that it at least connected to Alex’s past, but overall, I just didn’t care. Even if it was a different monster and played out the same, I wouldn’t be interested. It made me want more dinner scenes.

Were you glad to see Jody, Alex and Claire again?

Alice: Jody and Alex yes, but Claire, no. Her character has always annoyed me (except for “The Rapture” when she was a little girl) and that didn’t change here. I love any episode that has Jody in it, and I think she could carry a series on her own. She’s the tough as nails woman that this show has always been lacking and should be a series regular. She also can never, ever die. You hear me Mr. Carver and Mr. Dabb? Never ever!

Nightsky: Yes! I know a lot of fans think Claire is whiny, but I saw a realistic portrayal of a teenager with a traumatic background. I thought her acting was solid, switching between cocky adolescent who needed to be heard, annoying sibling and scared kid who listened to Sam’s advice. I enjoyed her character in this episode very much. Kim’s portrayal of Jody is always perfection. Alex’s character was a little weak, I thought. Her declaration that she would leave the group to get away from the monsters came out of the blue.

Christine: I always love Jody. She's a fan favorite for a reason. I love Claire as well, I just feel like she was misused. Considering the angels killed her family, why is she so focused on hunting? I'd think she'd have a vendetta with them. Alex, I didn't care so much about seeing again. I like their family dynamic, but I don't feel like I need to see it ever again.

Sean: I was OK with seeing Jody, and I actually liked that we got a glimpse at her raising Alex and Claire. Even some of the parallels to Sam and Dean were interesting to see. Unfortunately, Claire still gets on my nerves, and I actually forgot who Alex even was. So I was far more lukewarm about seeing a whole episode focused on them.

Would you want to see a spin-off series with these three ladies?

Alice: I’m one of those that loves the whole Wayward Daughters concept and have been rooting for it, but this was a pretty weak episode to launch it. They really need to improve Claire’s character and the dynamic between the three if they want this idea to fly. More laughs, a faster pace, and more women kicking-ass action would be nice too. What we got was way too melodramatic for my tastes. 

Nightsky: These three alone wouldn’t be able to carry a spin-off. Too many fans are annoyed by Claire, and I’m not sure Alex added very much to the equation. The spin-off would need to be built around Jody and Donna. Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster could easily step into lead roles. Claire could be a recurring but not central character.

Christine: Nope. Not a chance.

Sean: No. I just don’t have any interest in a spin-off.

Worrying About Claire - Supernatural

Would you eat the Elvis burger?

Alice: You mean heart attack on a plate? Only if someone threw money at me on a dare. David Letterman had this joke once about being served a greasy burger at McDonald’s. It came with an offer. “Would you like a heart specialist with that?” So if money and an on the ready heart specialist was involved, maybe.

Nightsky: Uhh, no. My Weight Watcher guilt went into overdrive just looking at that sandwich!

Christine: My stomach hurt just looking at it. How is Dean so svelte when he eats like that?! I loved Sam's reaction along the lines of living through countless monster attacks, so he's not letting food kill him. It's so true. It's be ironic if they do an episode where Dean has a heart attack because of his food choices.

Sean: Oh I’d be willing to give it a shot! I can’t say it’d be a regular meal, but what the heck. Challenge accepted!

Sean McKenna was a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. He retired in May of 2017. Follow him on Twitter.

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